Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Craft Edition

Please do not look too closely if you are a competent knitter. This is the shrug I am working on for Scarlett. I have completed the back and one half of the front. I am hoping to have all the pieces completed by the end of the weekend. I just wish I knew how to put it all together!


  1. How clever are you Miss Claire! Fabulous!!

  2. I love the colours you chose, Scarlett will look so cute in it.

  3. to me it looks amazing!!! go you!!!

    and post below...
    *love that layout shown
    as for self care...lots of suncream esp when on outside duty...even though my face cream has sun cream in it!!!, baths as often as poss, sitting in the sun!!! and drinking as much water as poss!!!!