Friday, 18 January 2013

Letting the cat out of the bag

Well the official announcement has finally been made so I can let the world know that we may be moving to Bangkok by the middle of the year. At this stage we have not really made any firm decision. There are so many variables to consider and the company is being a bit less organised than we had hoped about answering our queries. We are planning on taking a trip to Bangkok in the next few weeks to help us decide. I have been there a number of times but not in the last few years and although Tet goes for work quite often he has not really looked at Bangkok as a potential home for our family.

I am looking at it as a potential adventure and am actually quite excited about the idea of living in Thailand as it has been one of my favourite countries to visit since I was a child. I know living there might be very different and Thai is a very difficult language to learn. I will keep you posted!

I have been working away on another CHA challenge layout on the Studio Calico site. I have to say this is one of my all time favourite layouts. It came together almost exactly how I pictured it in my head which does not happen very often. I was inspired by Sasha Farina's challenge to blog from the heart and everything flowed from there.

I have mentioned in the past the difficulties we have had with Scarlett and sleep. They remain ongoing and while we occasionally get a few weeks or even a month where she sleeps through the night these periods are always short lived and we return to broken nights of sleep eventually. Our Christmas holiday has caused a real regression in her sleep and she is back in our bedroom sleeping on her mattress on the floor although most nights she ends up in our bed after multiple wake ups. It is exhausting and to be honest it has had a really detrimental impact on my health. After almost totally getting off medication for my stomach issues I am back on a daily dose and it is all down to having only three or four broken hours of sleep a night. Sigh.

My journalling reflects on the lack of sleep in our lives. I sure hope it gets better because I did not expect three years of bad sleep when I finally managed to conceive S!

The writing is actually in silver ink but it shows up quite differently on the layout.

I am really excited that I finally got my heat gun out and embossed some veneer for this layout. The glitter matched well with the Pink Paislee lettering I used and the aqua zing is a pretty good match for Scarlett's t shirt in the photo. I managed to enter this in Nik's glitter challenge and Marcy's dress up your veneer challenge as well as another entry into Kelly's use a patterned paper background.

Here are a couple of close ups of the embellie clusters.

The colours and textures really make my heart sing!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I intend to as look what the postie just dropped off!

I can see some Project Life work in my future!


  1. This is lovely Claire. What a great idea to emboss the wood veneer and I like how you have placed the embellishments across the page.

  2. Love the photo and we feel your pain about sleep. The 3yo is back in our bed, which is better than us having to get up with her multiple times a night. Sigh.

    Also love the glittery feather veneer!!

  3. Awwww that is such an adorable layout and photo!!

  4. Such a pretty layout and I love the embossing on your feathers!! The colors are perfect!!

  5. Enjoy your happy mail. Good luck in your decision

  6. wow all the best with deciding if bangkok is right for your family.....and i hope you get better soon and S breaks this cycle of not sleeping xx

    and lvoe both layouts on both blog posts...
    enjoy opening that box