Monday, 21 January 2013

Listmania: Getting to Know Me

I love a good list as you well know and I am super excited to be linking up to Deb at Home Life Simplified's new weekly Listmania. If you don't know this blog you should definitely check it out. Lots of invaluable and practical ideas to focus on what is really important and cut out the overwhelm.

Anyway, here is the state of play at our place today.

Reading:  Lots of blog posts and websites on living in Bangkok with children. It is helping make our decision easier. I am also spending a lot of time on Ravelry finding beautiful easy patterns for my next project.

Listening to: The pump on our fish tank, the endlessly running water is very relaxing.

Laughing at: The endlessly amusing stories Scarlett comes up with and very old episodes of Top Gear (can you tell the Hubby has had the remote?).

Swooning over: The endless beautiful colours that merino wool comes in and how much fun it is to choose pretty combinations.

Planning: My blog posts for the week, dinners for the week and trying to timetable in some crafty activities too.

Eating lots of :  Sushi ,dim sum and lots of mango - the joys of living in Singapore

Feeling: Happy and relaxed after a super fabulous weekend doing lots of fun family activities even though it rained pretty much two days straight.

Discovering: I can knit a lot faster than when I started working on Scarlett's shrug.

Looking at: Picasa in an attempt to edit and print three weeks worth of Project Life photos - yes I am already behind!

Wearing: Comfy cargo pants and a t shirt - getting the child downstairs for the school bus at 7.30 does not result in glamour dressing!

Cooking: Nothing all weekend, but looking forward to a beef and ginger stir fry for dinner tonight.

Wondering: If we should say yes to adventure and just move to Bangkok or be more adult and weigh up the pros and cons.

Trying out: Natural New Age Mum's body brushing and essential oil morning routine. After a week I have to say it has been transformational. My skin is so soft, my moods are better and that five minutes in the morning pays dividends all day.

I am linking this up at Deb's site and would love to see some of my reader's lists there too. Next week sounds interesting - a pros and cons list of the current season you are experiencing. I am wondering does monsoon count?

I have a sneak peek at tomorrow's post which is all about our amazing visit to the new SEA Oceanarium - the world's largest aquarium which recently opened in Singapore.

 This is just straight from my phone. It was totally awe inspiring and I cannot wait to go back and just immerse myself in the undersea world.

Have a marvellous Monday!


  1. great list....i might join in!!!

    a huge decision for sure!!! about the sure you will have a good list of pros and cons!!!

  2. If it works for you, say yes to adventure! I'm so cautious that I never take risks but you only live once and it's better to try something than forever wonder about it - take it from me! Glad to have found you via Listmania! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  3. It will be an adventure for your family, and probably hard at times but you're exposing your children to an exciting new world! Totally love the photo of the aquarium! Emily @ Have a laugh on me, found you through Kirsty @ My Home Truths!

  4. I haven't thought about knitting something in a long while. Might be something I should start again.
    Great list and nice to get to know you :)

  5. Go adventure!! Totally jealous that you get to live in the world of dim sum & sushi, too. That aquarium pic is amazing. Must remember to come back tomorrow to see more :)

  6. Im all for comfy dressing and if it involves getting one out the door early all the better!

  7. Go for the adventure - we lived in Bangkok in the mid 90s and things have improved so much since then so would be easier for you (the pollution was so bad when we lived there and my commute to work and home was very long, but now you have the sky train and other fast public transport and less cars on the road it is much better) -awesome food, great country to travel in and great jumping off point to more of asia (not sure how much you have done outside of singapore... off to read your blog now!!)

    Deb @ home life simplified

  8. Found you via Listmania. Have been to Singapore a couple of times backpacking, just short stops but love the old buildings, sadly lacking here in small town regional Australia ;) Have friends with children living in Bangkok, they seem to go very well, she is Thai which obviously helps but he is from UK and seems to be settling really well with very young family. I myself am incredibly fond of Bangkok, many happy memories from backpacking days, stopping in to pick up visas for the next country, mass aerobocs in Lumpini Park...all the best with your exciting decision!

  9. oh, i remember that soothing sound form when we had a fish tank - isn't it just so nice to sit and have that in the background? funnily enough that comfort sound has been replaced by our dogs snoring - true story, just as comforting!

  10. Oh wow an adventure in Bangkok sounds awesome. I'm not adventurous so the biggest move for me was from one side of town to another!
    I'm loving sushi too - made some tonight - lets just say I'm not the best roller!

  11. It was a huge decision to move to Singapore 20 years go. Back then we had no internet and had to plan our phone calls. With internet and skype its much easier to live overseas. Plus, there are so many large english/us communities in asia now. Lots of quick friendships and people there to help. (checkout british/american women overseas clubs)

  12. I'm sorry, I can't get past the dim sum... yummmm

  13. Why does blog reading always make me hungry! Oh, I love Ravelry! Haven't been on there for ages as it's dangerous!

  14. I've got a friend who crochet's and she is right into the beauty of wool too. For me its about fabric. I love the stuff.

  15. Hi Claire, we were in Singapore last Easter, hot muggy territory. I am a knitter, don't do so much anymore but do knit throw rugs. We don't need much in the way in jumpers now that we live in Perth as it's to hot. (ex pats, Auckland NZ). Looking forward to reading more. Rae xx