Monday, 7 January 2013

Currently January 2013

eating  Quinoa and Pumpkin salad for lunch
drinking  sparkling mineral water - my beverage of choice these days
watching  Scarlett explore the story of Little Red Riding Hood on the iPad
listening  to the hum of the washing machine and the construction sounds as a building nearby is being demolished
loving  that Scarlett went back to school today - it is her last month of three days a week - she goes full time in February
enjoying spending some quality time with my sister while she is holidaying with us
wanting an uninterrupted night's sleep
needing  to get Scarlett into some better sleep patterns
feeling happy to be home again after a wonderful holiday
preparing  for life with all my mornings free
thinking  of ways to improve my cleaning, cooking and blogging schedule
searching for the motivation to finish my December Daily
the final touches to a layout of Scarlett and Jack

anticipating another friend from my ante natal group delivering her second baby this month

This is based on the currents idea by Tina Aszmus which can be found on her lovely blog.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Glad you had a good time away Claire. And yay for time with your sister. How exciting that you'll have your mornings free - enjoy xxx

  2. quinoa and pumpkin salad? Sounds yummy!!

  3. Love your list! That food sounds yummy :)

  4. Hope your search for motivation finds gold!

  5. love it!!!
    so S is going full time...5 full days?? or part days??
    big changes!!

  6. Fun list! Need to do this once a month :-)

  7. The quinoa and pumpkin sounds delicious!