Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Combined Project Life

This week's spread is a little different. The week I am sharing is Week 24. It was a funny week -  a combination of family time together and a very difficult trip to Japan for my husband to farewell his terminally ill Godfather. I decided a double spread of our week in Singapore and an insert for hubby to complete would be the best way to share the week.

Hubby is away overseas with work again this week so I have left some blank spaces for him to journal about his whistle stop trip to Kobe. His Godfather was not expected to survive the weekend but with his typical tenacity lived another ten days before finally being overcome by his cancer. Hubby and his brother came to spend some precious time together with Bo-chan and his wife and to give her some much needed support.

Much of the weekend was spent in the hospital but they did get out to eat and spend a bit of time together. 
Most of the cards have been made using papers from Crate Paper's The Pier collection. The 3 x 4 cards are from a variety of sources including Citrus Twist and Studio Calico PL kits and a MAMBI collection too.

The week in Singapore was a little brighter. Scarlett attended a wee friend's birthday party and I finally recorded a typical Sunday ritual. I am so glad I did as the food court we always had our post ballet fruit snack at has disappeared while we were overseas. It was such a big part of our Sunday that we all feel a bit lost after ballet now.

I love the bright coloured chevron paper from the Pier in this pocket.


I like to keep my pockets flat but I had fun creating this collection of stickers to illustrate our Sunday ritual. I love grey and blue together.

There is one unlabelled pocket here too, as there is a story I want hubby to share about Miss Three eating in the adjacent picture. He will be busy when he gets back. Again the small pockets are from a variety of sources. The plain coloured card was part of a Citrus Twist PL kit. I wasn't sure about those at first but I have found them to be a simple way to mount photos in the larger pockets. I love that pop of yellow behind hubby's picture.

How do you record the less fun aspects of life? Are you including these events in your PL or keeping it more upbeat? I think the insert will work well for a story that needs telling. Miss Three has had a hard time dealing with the death of her Great Grandad and then Bo-chan who she considered her other Grandad. We have not had a good run this year.

Hope you are having a happy week. We are finally over the colds that plagued us for the last few weeks and I am even starting to think about getting back into some regular exercise. My green smoothie breakfast has become a good habit for me and is certainly boosting my fruit and vegetable consumption. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Adventures with Daddy

We have all been sick for the past week or so. Miss Three was the first to recover so Daddy took her on an adventure by the Singapore River to get her some fresh air and me some much needed sleep.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Life Week 25

I am still fighting the good fight with Project Life. We all love the resulting album and although I am a little behind, I am intent on keeping going and hopefully catching up a little bit over the next few weeks.

For those of you playing at home, you may notice that the date card is for Week 24. My trusty assistant gave me these photos and assured me they were for the next week. Sadly they were not. At least I have a date card for the missing week already done. These photos are all from Week 25 which was the week that Singapore made the news internationally because of the haze.

It really was the only story that week. The air quality was amazingly bad and we were pretty housebound. I am considering doing a little insert with pictures of us all in our masks when we ventured out and about. Watch this space for that!


I could not resist using this label from Amy Tangerine. The grey over a city skyline seemed made for the events of this week.

I think we are at week 33 currently and I have got my photos onto the new computer up to the beginning of this week. My trusty assistant is about to commence a marathon printing session so that I can get caught up before I get still more PL bits and pieces. Becky Higgins keeps releasing so much cute stuff. I am still really excited with the Rain and Honey half kits that I split with my sister but I may or may not have ordered a couple of the new mini kits on the way too.

How is your Project Life going those of you who use this form of memory keeping? Any hot tips for a good catch up strategy?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Hello Strangers

I feel like there should be tumbleweeds blowing across the screen like in one of those Spaghetti Westerns I grew up watching. I never intended to be off the blog for nearly two months. I never intended to stop creating for nearly two months either but that is the way the cookie has crumbled. I am hoping I get back to normal levels of transmission this week.

There have been a few factors leading to the long silence. We had a wonderful two week trip home to New Zealand. It was just what we needed as a family although much too short. It helped clarify what we really want and need as a family over the next few years but also muddied the waters a little too. We have had major computer issues with our trusty laptop finally giving up the ghost. I am working today on our new touch screen desk top with a 20 inch monitor - a big step up from the little laptop! We have also been dealing with a major dose of the sickies in our house. All three of us have been struck down with a nasty cough and cold that Scarlett picked up at ballet.

The view from the Gondola in Queenstown
I am really looking forward to catching up my Project Life and doing some other creating. I plan to have a crack at some of Shimelle's challenges from last week even though I am too late to join in with the rest of the crew.

How are you all my lovely readers? How have the last couple of months treated you? I would love to hear your news in the comments below. Hope to see you back here tomorrow with a Project Life layout to share.