Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pre School Sorted!

I was beginning to give up all hope of ever finding a Pre School for the Monkey. We wanted something play based, the option of a second language and close to home if possible. You would not think this was a difficult list of requirements but it was turning into a huge drama.

A few weeks ago we had a flyer drop into our letter box. It was advertising an open day at a Montessori based Pre School called The House on the Hill. We put it up on the calendar and thought that we would have things well and truly sorted by the time the open day rocked around. This was not the case and my lovely husband changed his flights (from Singapore Airlines to Jetstar poor darling) so he could get back to Singapore in time to attend. 

We headed there after gym on Saturday morning. We talked to Monkey most of the way there but she still managed to fall asleep in the last two minutes of the seven minute drive. Tet and I took turns to be shown round the school and we were both really impressed. Small class sizes, lovely 1892 villa with high ceilings and great breezes because of the hill location, really lovely staff. We were sold but could not make a firm decision until Miss S had seen and approved.

We drove around for a while and then headed to one of our favourite sushi spots for lunch. Miss Muffet woke up just as we arrived. (Loving that I can go out and have a really decent feed of sushi and still be well within my Weightwatchers' points btw). I actually took a few photos of us at lunch.

Miss Monkey eating her favourite "bubbles" sushi. It is actually some sort of roe. Not my thing but she loves them!

Mr T and Miss S. Miss S is clearly making her views known on the subject at hand. 

Finally, my favourite sushi in the world is the pair at the bottom of the plate. They may not look much but it is prime tuna barely seared on the outside. It is smokey and tender and totally delicious. I could eat them all day!

After our sustaining lunch, we drove back to the Pre School for Scarlett to go in and have a look. She loved it from the moment she walked in. She met the two teachers at her year level and played with one of them for nearly an hour. We had a real struggle to get her to leave after Tet and I had signed all the paperwork and filled out all the forms. She is beyond excited to be starting school and even more excited that she will be going on the school bus! The fact that they give her lunch before they send her home is probably my favourite part. So on March 19, my wee dot becomes a school girl. She will be on the bus at 8 am for an 8.30 start and finishes at school at 1 pm and will be home to me about quarter of an hour later. Just three days a week at this stage. I suspect that will be all either of us can handle.

I hope you all had a lovely V Day yesterday. Tet and I met 9 years ago today. Sadly he is still in Bangkok so no celebrating for me. Still there is always the weekend for celebrating!


  1. MMMMM..yummy looking sushi!! I love roe and that seared tuna looks scrumtious!! :) So glad your dd is ready for school - it makes things so much easier on us moms!!

  2. Finding a good school is such a big challenge and commitment. So glad you were able to find one!
    My daughter also goes to a Montessori based school three days a week and is fed lunch. Love it!
    It was perfect for us. Still enough times and days to hang out together, but also give me a break :)

  3. Oh, I love sushi!!! I would eat it every week if I could.

  4. Dear Claire
    Archibald 17 months is joining House of the Hill next week. How is it after 1 year of experience? Are you still delighted with the choice ? Thanks a lot for your advice. Best regards, Phuong

    1. Hi! Sorry I have been offline a bit lately. We have been very happy with HOTH. Our daughter loves going to school and has had excellent teachers throughout her time there. I would still happily recommend it as a great preschool.

    2. Hi! So sorry : I missed your reply! Thanks so much! We have been very happy too...a question for you: have you followed the évolution of the building opposite the school?