Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Downside of Holidays is Laundry

I love going on holiday but I am totally over the laundry mountain that goes with it. Combine it with all the bedding and towels extra visitors in the house bring and I am on an endless cycle of wash, dry, repeat! Fortunately, hubby does fold and put away or I might just about have gone out on strike by now.

I have not managed enough free time to make anything since our return from Thailand but I do have a couple of simple layouts I completed just before we went away to finish off one of my Studio Calico kits. I need to finish another one fairly shortly as my January kits will be winging their way this way soon too!

Now this is not a layout that will win any prizes, but it certainly used up some stray supplies including those hexagons that I never thought I would use. I love this photo of Scarlett that was taken outside the museum here before we visited a Wedding Dress exhibition from the Victoria and Albert in London. I think she had more fun running around out the front to be honest! She is growing up so fast and really does think she is just a little adult which can be challenging at times!

This is a very old photo that I have wanted to scrap but wasn't sure how to do it. I really liked the colours of this Amy Tangerine paper and it kinda goes with some of the colours in the photo. Scarlett has never been a good sleeper and we tried all kinds of tricks to get her to sleep when she was tiny. This is photographic evidence of all the things you are not supposed to do with a young baby such as sleeping on their tummy and letting them sleep on soft surfaces but desperation is a powerful motivator and we definitely were in need of some serious sleep by this stage.

I have enjoyed reading about everyone's OLW choices after yesterday's post and am glad to see I am not the only drop out from Ali's class! I look forward to keeping my word in the front of my mind this year. Bring on the adventure!


  1. Love that you scrapped tha picture - the title is perfect. And yes I agree - coming home and having a pile of laundry can be a little of a downer.

  2. Love the layouts, especially the sweet sleeping pic! My boy is a horrible sleeper as well, and since you survived you've given me hope!

  3. i finished Ali's class in my own time!!!
    felt much better when i wasnt pushed by time!!!

    as for your them all
    welcome back

  4. Sweet pages! Especially the second one!