Tuesday, 15 May 2012

When is something really finished?

I have a couple of layouts on hand at the moment which are pretty much done but in both cases I have the nagging feeling that they need something else. I have gone through my kits and stash and have not found that something else so this leaves me with a question. Do I pop them in my album and call them done?  Or do I hunt on forever for that perfect elusive embellishment that will take my layout from okay to wow?

The first layout was one I worked on very quickly yesterday while Monkey napped. I pulled out my oldest Studio Calico kit, Glee Club and some photos from 2011 that I had wanted to scrap for ages. The layout came together really quickly but I still feel like it needs something else in the top right hand corner. There is nothing in the kit that will do the job and nothing much in my stash that would work either.

By the way, if you ever get the chance to try one of these cakes from a Lawson Convenience Store in Japan, run do not walk. They are amazing and I have the extra kilo or two to prove it.

The second layout is suffering from a similar issue but I don't know what is missing. Even my husband thinks it needs something else.

I am embracing using my handwriting on layouts much more of late. It is quick and while not as lovely as a beautiful font, I suspect it will be something I look back on with happiness years from now. I am not in love with the bottom left hand corner. I love the two Sketchbook stickers but maybe not together... I am just not sure how to fix it.

Does anyone else have this issue? I have so much scrap booking that I want to do I wonder whether I should just put them in an album and move onto something new or if I should try and fix them. If you have any brilliant ideas on how to fix them I would love to hear from you!


  1. I like them! The second one is my favorite. So bright and happy. The first one may need a little somesomething .... not sure. I usually try wood veneers or confetti lately.

  2. I think both your pages are great Claire. I am no help - I feel like my pages are never done too - But I stick them in the album album anyway xxx

  3. I love them both! The second is my favorite. I always have the same problem, I usually go way over board with my pages, and put everything from the kitchen sink on every single page. I think they both appear complete to me. I really like your style :) Do you get Studio Calico delivered over here? and where do you get your pictures developed? xoxo

    1. Yes, my Studio Calico is delivered to my door. I am actually getting a bit antsy as my May kit should be here by now but there is still no sign of it. I always manage to spend the $99 to get the free shipping! Of late we have been printing our photos at home but I have just today uploaded a bunch of photos to snapfish.com.sg so I am waiting to see what the quality is like for those. Printing at home is great because it is immediate but it is pretty pricey compared to snapfish for standard 4 x 6 photos.

  4. I think they are both great layouts! Nothing frustrates me more than when I feel like a LO isn't completed and I can't figure out what it needs. I vote for just calling them done!

  5. Sometimes I have the same problem. I step away for the layout and sometimes I get some ideas over the night. I hope my English was not that bad.

  6. I think they are nice but in the second one maybe you can use washi tape or a thin ribbon at the edge of the butterfly paper and the cardstock. But I am no expert.