Monday, 7 May 2012

Project Life Back in Singapore

After the huge volume of photos taken during our trip to Japan it feels harder to work with the handful of pictures I have been taking each week. A good change of pace though.

I dedicated a full page to our excursion to the iLight displays around Marina Bay. It was a great evening out that we all enjoyed. There is even a photo of me taking a photo courtesy of my husband. This page uses the B sides from the final Japan page...waste not want not I say!

The earlier portion of this week was dominated by Scarlett having a particularly gruesome tummy bug. Before it struck we took a walk down Orchard Road where one of the department stores was having an Alice in Wonderland Promotion. We couldn't resist Scarlett as the Queen of Spades! Scarlett was very pleased to introduce her new Buzz Lightyear toy to all her other Toy Story toys. They all played together nicely. The page is mainly Clementine kit with a few scraps of paper and some Crate Paper stickers.

I am slowly catching up with PL and am midway through April at this point. I intend to get up to date by the end of next week.

I hope everyone had a wonderful NSD. I was out gallivanting for the day and did not end up doing any scrapbooking all weekend. However, I did finally set my Cameo up and have made a start on the class by Kerri Bradford at I am enjoying it greatly and my PL pages will soon have some lovely cut outs from the Silhouette store.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I love your pages, what a great way to include lots of photographs.