Friday, 11 May 2012

Water Play at the Science Centre

Scarlett and I went out to the wilds of Jurong this week to meet up with her best buddy Joshua and have a look around the Science Centre.

I had not been there for ten years or more when I took a class field trip there in my teaching days Some things were familiar but there were a lot of new, fun interactive stations that even captured the attention of two very excited two year olds.

The favourite sections indoors for Scarlett and Joshua were the sound area where there were musical instruments and some incredible interactive displays to try out, and the Natural Disasters where they especially liked watching an eathquake cause a tsumani in a big tank of water!

The thing that I had heard about the Science Centre was that it had a great water play area. We were not disappointed. The children spent over an hour in the sun running around playing with water cannon, using water to shoot balls into hoops and generally having a great time. The joy of the SIngapore climate is that it is always warm enough to get wet. Joshua's helper and I managed to stay pretty dry and the children had their swimming togs on so a great time was had by all. I only took a few instagram pictures and a couple of camera shots but I think you will get the general idea.

Monkey and part of the giant animatronic dinoasaur outside the Science Centre

Scarlett working out how to get the balls into the whirlpool

Running through the fountain
I would whole heartedly recommend the Science Centre for children of all ages. There are lots of interesting things to do and the water play area is great. We were there  later in the afternoon and literally had the whole water play area to ourselves!

We are off on a quick weekend break to Johor Bahru or JB as it is better known. We have not been there since we moved and it is just across the border from Singapore into Malaysia. We are really looking forward to it.

Have a grand weekend!

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  1. You are not without fun things to do. My kids would skip the whole museum just to stay in the water. Have fun on your outings!