Monday, 14 May 2012

Mish Mash

Welcome to a new week. I hope all the Mum's out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I find it hard now that Mum is no longer around even though she really did not like the whole idea of Mother's Day and we never really celebrated it. It is probably just all those photos on Facebook of family togetherness. We spent a really nice weekend together even though we ended up staying home instead of heading to Malaysia.

The highlight of the four days we spent together for Miss Scarlett was the purchasing of a new scooter. She is in love with the freedom and the speed. I am not so in love with the speed in combination with her total lack of steering ability but we are both working through it. In New Zealand children always wear helmets when on bikes of any kind but it is a pretty rare sight here in Singapore. Fortunately, Scarlett loves her Ladybird helmet and will not get on her scooter without it! Long may that attitude prevail.

Although I think physically Scarlett and I have almost nothing in common, temperament wise we are pretty similar. This is not a good thing as I am stubborn and occasionally a bit moody. I love the next photo of Scarlett telling Daddy off for taking her picture without asking her first. He won't be doing that again in a hurry. It gives a very good indication of Miss Bossy Boots in action!

I have started making the small steps back to being a short haired woman. I always had short hair until I grew it out to get married and Tet liked it long and so it stayed that way. I have been finding my long hair a real pain as I have been walking more and constantly washing hair down to the middle of my back was getting really tedious. I have cut a good few inches off the last three hair cuts and this time it is really noticeably shorter. I can no longer tie it back! One more cut and it will be officially short. I really like it though!

I am loving the Cover to Cover class with Shimelle Laine but am getting a bit overwhelmed with how to sort my albums. I am printing out all six lessons so far as I type and I am going to approach the whole exercise in a much more systematic way. I hope to share a little more of my process with you as the week progresses.

Sorry this is a bit of a mish mash post but it suits my Monday brain - it tends to get a little all over the place! I have not done a single piece of scrapbooking this past week so I am yearning to get back into it. Fingers crossed Monkey is going to have a decent nap this afternoon. I have a load of photos from this past weekend so I want to get some printed and some memories recorded.

Have a great week!


  1. That pic of your daughter is adorable! Love that pic of you and your glasses!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you,too! I was "awarded" the Kreativ blogger award and have been tasked with passing on the goodness to other creative bloggers. I thought of you and hope you will accept the award. The info is posted on my blog: Thanks!

  3. Too cute! Happy Belated Mother's Day!