Tuesday, 22 May 2012

39 by 39

I have had this list completed for a while but I completely forgot to post it. As luck would have it I have actually managed to cross a couple of things off it already which is a nice surprise as I have not done anything with any planning.

Here we go!

  1. Visit a new country.
  2. Stay overnight in Johor Baru.
  3. Learn to sew on a machine.
  4. Redo my blog.
  5. Go bike riding.
  6. Lose 10 further kg.
  7. Update my CV.
  8. Grow my blog to 30 followers.
  9. Walk in the rain.
  10. Cook one new recipe each month.
  11. Take a cooking class.
  12. Keep up with Project Life.
  13. Start my wedding album.
  14. Complete Scarlett's first year album.
  15. Take an online Scrapbooking class.
  16. Last a whole month of photo a day.
  17. Plan and book our NYC trip for July 2013.
  18. Start a Japanese conversation class.
  19. Try a bikram yoga class.
  20. Try a traditional yoga class.
  21. Visit Legoland.
  22. Watch Downton Abbey.
  23. Keep up with my book club.
  24. Sort out a baby sitter.
  25. Initiate a monthly date night.
  26. Go to a live performance with my daughter.
  27. Go to a live performance without my daughter.
  28. Watch a movie in a movie theatre.
  29. Try and grow something from seed.
  30. Complete the couch to 5k programme.
  31. Run in a 5 k race.
  32. Have some portraits taken of our family.
  33. Spend a day at a waterpark.
  34. Have a facial.
  35. Try a fish spa.
  36. Get some exercise clothing that makes me feel good
  37. Earn some money
  38. Have a ruthless wardrobe sort out.
  39. Swim once a week.

So without even trying I have managed to cross four things off my list. I need to get that many crossed off pretty much every month to clear my list by my next birthday.

Some of these things are going to be a lot easier than others I can see. I need to lose some more weight before I start the C25K just as a favour to my knees. Cooking new healthier recipes should help with those goals. 

We went to the resort island of Sentosa a few times in the last couple of weeks and we grabbed a deal they had for visiting the Butterfly Park and the Underwater World. As part of that deal  they included a ten minute fish spa. Inside they had two big ponds full of the cleaning fish. There was one pool with smaller fish and lots of people and one pool with bigger fish and no one. We decided to brave the bigger fish and we may have made a tactical error. They were pretty aggressive and it was pretty tickly.Tet barely kept his feet in the water but I did find afterwards that my feet were a lot softer and smoother.

As you can see they loved my feet!

I have been caught walking in the rain twice in the past couple of weeks. We certainly have the climate for it in Singapore as even in the cooler rainy season the temperature never drops much below 25 degrees C.

I am loving my new scrapbook class Cover to Cover and I am really inspired to make better design decisions with my albums.

Finally, I have signed up for a 30 days of Curvy Yoga class to do at home. I have tried the routine once and I did find it good up to about the halfway point where the filming makes it hard to actually follow the pose. I will try again tomorrow. I would prefer to do a real life class but I find Yoga Studios and the lithe, thin practitioners more than a little intimidating.

I hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. It's so fun to see lists like these! Lots of great stuff on yours. Have fun!

  2. our lists are very similar! good luck with yours :)

  3. Great list, and good start on completing it!