Friday, 4 May 2012

Photo A Day May

Well I have got off to a flying start with this project this month. Four days into May and still on track! Woo hoo! I really have to take my hat off to people who can keep up with Photo 365 and the like although I must admit the iPhone and Instagram are making the whole process a whole lot less painful.

The list of photos for this month is really varied.

May First is a public holiday here so we went for a very early morning walk to make the most of the day. Tet flew out that morning so a little family time was in order. I took quite a few photos but this one summed it up for me.

Day two we had a couple of big storms and the sky gets so incredibly dark and ominous before the rain arrives. I took a few shots out my lounge window hoping to catch some lightning but no joy. I still think the skyline is pretty impressive though.

Day Three and my outfit was fairly uninspired so I went with my comfy trainers. Elegant they are not but I can walk miles in them which is far more important to me.

Day Four and the theme is fun. I meant to take a photo while we were at Ikea but forgot so went with a photo of the newly sorted toys in our new containers in an attempt to stop the lounge looking like a children's playroom! Does anyone else have this problem or just me?

Have a wonderful weekend. Ours starts today as my husband is off to China for work on Sunday. It looks like he could be in India the following week too. Thank goodness for Skype!

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  1. When my children were small - my lounge always looked like a playroom !! Great photos - A holiday weekend here too so am looking forward to a day off work on Monday! Have a great weekend.