Thursday, 17 May 2012

Project Life - Only a Month Behind

I have seen a couple of well known scrapbookers give up their Project Life recently and I totally know where they are coming from. I am behind. Really behind. So behind that I have just ordered three weeks worth of photos from Snapfish and I still have two more weeks to sort through. I figured another few days won't hurt and I may as well save the printer ink for sizes that are harder to get elsewhere. But I love it. I love the album and the finished pages. I just need to work on the process especially with my husband's photos.

Here are some blast from the past pages from late March!

Some of our best friends came down to spend the weekend with us from KL. It was lovely to see them and have a few kiwi brews with them too. We had a little gathering of Scarlett's two best buddies and their Mum and Dad for a birthday brunch. We went to a great Italian restaurant that does a buffet starter and dessert but you order your mains. The biggest draw was the bouncy castle and playground outside which was a really safe space for the children to run around. They all enjoyed the Toy Story cake. There is also a random cute shot of Poppy, our Maine Coon taking over Scarlett's dolly bed. 

I have to apologise for all the glare on this photo. I had about 8 attempts at taking this page and for some reason I could not eliminate the glare. This page is dedicated to Scarlett's orientation day and first day at Pre school. Her teacher is seriously wonderful and Scarlett loves her with all her might. She is in the bottom left frame.

The following week was pretty quiet so I dedicated this page to our regular Sunday morning outing along Robertson Quay. It is just a few minutes from our house and we all enjoy walking along the river. We often have breakfast at one of the cafes. We love the coffee at Toby's Estate but their breakfast is a bit average.

The final page I am going to share which brings us into April (huzzah!) is more about getting into the new routine of Scarlett going to school. It has been a wonderful thing for us all but not without its dramas. She is currently only bussing home as she just refused to leave us on the bus in the morning. Tet takes her on his way to work now or I drop her if he is away. It is much easier to say goodbye when she can see all the fun activities ahead.

On a more personal note, today would have been my Mum's 65th birthday. She would finally have started to receive her pension today. I really miss her. Happy birthday Mum!


  1. you know what.. doesn't matter if you're behind, really. just do what you can. when you can. when you feel like it. if you want, skip a week.. take a breather.


    today my papa is having his eye operated. sending some prayers to your mom. and thinking of you Claire. *hugs*

  2. you're doing great on project life!

    thinking of you as you remember your mum.