Thursday, 19 April 2012

Project Life: Japan Trip Part Two

There are a surprisingly small number of photos for the five days we were in Tachikawa. Scarlett and I were both sick for a big chunk of that time. Scarlett had a bout of stomach flu and then we both got food poisoning (from the McDonalds that my daughter persuaded her Daddy to buy) so we only had a couple of short outings and a lot of sleeping and dvd watching. One of those outings dominated this page and the next. We visited a wonderful palace park with beautiful gardens, blossom and a great playground for Scarlett to burn off some energy on. Most of these papers are as before with the addition of some of the Lilybee Double Dutch line and some older Crate Paper (Emma's Shoppe I think) that I had in my PL stash.

There are mainly more park photos here along with an impromptu performance by Scarlett at the local Department Store  and one of the wedding dresses on display in the lobby of our hotel. It is a major wedding hotel and they had an amazing shop full of traditional and very avant garde wedding attire. 

After working with all those little slots on the previous pages some 4 x 6 pages seemed like a good idea. Lots of photos that tell a story all on their own. I love the picture of Bo-chan (Tet's family friend who we treat as Scarlett's other Grandad) helping Scarlett onto the chair. There is a lovely bond between those two and I am so glad I took that photo.

More random photos from the Yokohama leg of our trip including some familiar and less familiar food and beverage items. I miss the soba noodles in Japan. They are so delicious. I used more of my 6 x 6 Double Dutch pad to go with these photos and I really like the bolder colours. Still loving those little coloured labels. A quick comment, stick and move on, yet they often lift the pocket and they are quite decorative with their multi coloured borders.

I still have one more installment of this series to go where I have used some different WRMK sleeves which I really enjoyed for a change. I am really excited about the new Project Life sleeves being released in July. Some of those sizes will be super useful.

We are in the middle of a serious storm so I want to get this posted before we get a lightning strike and I lose everything. I hope the weather is a little more settled wherever you are.


  1. Don't you just love PL? Your pages are beautiiful! Hope you stayed safe during the storm!

  2. Love your pages Claire. Hope the storm isn't too bad - we are sunny & warm here but I think we've got bad weather on the way xxx

  3. Such pretty pages for your PL!!