Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monkey and The Measure

I thought I had best provide photographic proof that Miss Monkey is back to her best.

Well still a little pale and interesting looking but a lot better! I took this photo to record her wearing her new dress. I ordered it about 6 weeks ago and had kind of forgotten about it. It came from here and Scarlett's uncles have ordered her another dress from there for her birthday which we are thrilled about. I have mentioned before that I never met a chevron I didn't like so to find a dress with them on seemed too good to be true. Scarlett's verdict is that it is "really comfy" so an all round success!

Please excuse the woolly sleeve on Monkey's arm. She had some infected bites that she could not stop scratching. I pulled out one of her baby legs from her crawling days and it has worked a treat at stopping her scratching the bites. Her arm is all healed up now.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. She's certainly a cutie! That dress is adorable, I'm off to check out the shop link.

  2. Cuteeeeeeee. Love that dress, looks like it could have a second life as a shirt later too. And, love that tip about the leg warmer for bites. My son worries his to death.