Saturday, 28 April 2012

Project Life in Japan Part Three

I decided to break out another of my WRMK page protectors for this part of the album. Three portrait slots along the bottom and a single rectangle of space along the top. This enable me to use 5 trimmed down photos in the top section and to include some journalling. I used an old Crate Paper PP for the top section and the journalling card is from the Clementine set.

On the flip side I collated all my Yokohama by night pictures. It is a beautiful city at night with a lot of lit up buildings and attractions. The PP is the B side of the Crate Paper PP from Emma's Shoppe and the bottom paper is an ancient piece that was gifted to me by Piradee Talvana last year. I love the bright colour!

The last three pages relate to our final day in Japan which was action packed. It is a little hard to make out but the top left photo was the view of Mt Fuji from our hotel window that final morning. The clouds lifted and it was a wonderful start to the day. We headed to the harbour front and ate a wonderful breakfast at bills, Bill Granger's restaurant. The hype was totally justified. The food was excellent and the old warehouse building the restaurant is located in was beautiful. We watched a cruise liner berth and Scarlett enjoyed running around in the sunshine. The PPs here are some additional Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe goodies and my original Japanese themed pps.

After breakfast we hired a car and headed out of Yokohama to an amazing temple complex housing the Big Buddha. He was enormous and constructed in the 13th century which astounded me. He has survived fires, quakes and tsunamis while all other buildings in the area have been destroyed. Astonishing! We then drove to an island called Enoshima which has a fabulous complex of shrines and temples that covers an entire hill side. We ate a fantastic meal at a traditional tatami restaurant which involved sitting on the floor at a very low table... I was afraid I would be stuck there but it was a great experience and the food was incredible. All PPs are the reverse of the previous page. I have also used some Studio Calico post it style labels on both these pages. They are really useful in the smaller photo slots.

The final page of our Japan trip has a couple of photos from earlier in the day as well as our final meal (shabu shabu which is Japanese steamboat) and Scarlett playing at the airport at  one in the morning as we waited to board our flight home. I have included a few bits and pieces from the first Amy Tangerine collection on this page.

It was an amazing trip and PL has made it easy to cherry pick some of the best photos and major events of the holiday in one place. I will still do some traditional layouts of the trip but only of stories I want to tell including the layout of Scarlett and her uncle I have shown here previously. 

Congratulations if you have made it this far! I know my PL is not the most polished or decorative  but it is doing a great job of getting our photos off our cameras and phones and onto an album page. I love this project and am still enjoying the process even if I am three weeks behind currently!

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  1. It's looking great! I so need to catch up on my PL!