Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Challenge and a Timely Post

I was planning to come online today and have a bit of a whinge frankly. Tet has been away all week, Monkey has infected mosquito bites, a yucky cough and the almost pathological conviction that 4 am is an appropriate time to be up for the day, and I am frustrated by how slowly I am losing weight at present. All these things are enough to make me a very cranky Mummy.

In spite of the ludicrous 4 am wake up, I decided that I would take Scarlett out to Orchard Road this morning and give us both a much needed break from the house (not to mention our lovely cleaner a break from cleaning round us). So off we went. 

First stop the pharmacy to get some cream for Scarlett's bites. She was a trooper while the pharmacist and her student had a good look and then organised some amazing cream with a bit of anaesthetic in it to numb the pain and stop her scratching. It will change our lives!

Second stop Starbucks where Mummy and Scarlett shared some fruit salad and Scarlett demolished at least half of a giant oatmeal and raisin cookie. She was really patient and sat in the cafe for at least 30 minutes which was a minor miracle.

Finally a quick call into H and M resulted in a mini shopping spree for Scarlett. I live in hope that they will start stocking their bigger sizes in Singapore but.... She loved holding all the clothes as we wandered round the children's department and proudly carried the bag all the way home!

She is now sound asleep inside her play tent in her bedroom and a happier wee bug you wouldn't meet. 

Anyway the point of all this is that a day that started badly with frankly rather too much shouty Mummy could have carried on that way but we both managed to shift ourselves into a more positive frame of mind. When I got home I scanned my reader and came across this post by the lovely Sasha with a great quote encouraging us to speak up when we feel happy. So I made sure I let Scarlett know what a lovely morning I thought we had had and she gave me a big grin and a cuddle which has made all the other issues of the day a lot less significant.

Which leads me, in a very round about way to the layout I completed yesterday for yet another Studio Calico challenge. This time the challenge was to add at least two items from your stash to an existing kit and go from there. I added ink, stickers and photo corners from my stash to the very much depleted Boardwalk kit. I do believe there is probably only one layout left in it at this stage. The smile captured in this layout has a very special place in my heart.

For those who celebrate I hope your Easter season is filled with reflection and celebration. For those, like me, who don't celebrate, try not to eat too much chocolate. Tet is home from Thailand tonight just in time for the long weekend! We have really missed him this trip and fingers crossed there won't be another one for a while!


  1. Aww isn't it nice when a day turns around like that?

  2. Sounds like it turned out to be a lovely morning. :) What a cute and smiley girl!

  3. love reading how you turned it around, good lesson to learn.