Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday Monday

I have had a very pleasant weekend. We did nothing particularly exciting but we spent it together and that made it fun. I have almost recovered from my cold too which is a bonus. The good news is that darling husband has today off so we get a couple only morning. We are going to go for a walk, have breakfast and a coffee out and just catch up with each other. The bad news is that he is off to Taiwan tomorrow (which is a public holiday here) so we do not get to spend that time with him. Oh well...

I thought I would share some cute things that have come through the mail to me lately. Today I would like to share some beautiful felt flowers and a decorative hoop for the Monkey's room. They came from Catshy Crafts and I just love them. I came across her shop through a blog post and I was totally smitten.

Here is the beautiful way the goods arrived: 

It was such an adorable package I almost didn't want to open it.

Inside were the most beautiful felt flowers.

I am not sure the photo does them justice as the colours are so beautiful and vibrant. I was planning to make a mini wreath with them but am now wavering and may make some stunning hair ties for my daughter instead.

I also ordered a little cupcake hoop for my daughter. Needless to say she is in love. 

The felt is so soft and begs to be touched. The cupcake is one of my daughter's favourite things in the world and sadly, with a constant reminder of them, she is asking for one more often but it is a small price to pay for such a cute piece of art.

I really love these items and am looking at buying one of Cathy's stunning wreaths as my next purchase. She was so easy to deal with, her shipping was very reasonable and the items got here in next to no time. Cathy has no idea I am writing this review. I just really want to share her cute felt creations with you as they have given me such a lot of pleasure.

As I write this the heavens have opened and it looks like my walk will be postponed for another day. I am sure a morning at home with my husband will be just as lovely. Enjoy your Monday.


  1. oh my goodness!!! adorable!! ADORABLE!!! i'm gonna get mine from Cathy soon! heeeheee!!!

  2. beautiful stuff that cathy makes!!
    enjoy your day!

  3. WOW they look beautiful. I love the time me and my hubby get when he is not on the rig, it is so special, even if it is only hanging out at home together, enjoy your day :)

  4. Those are really gorgeous - I'mk going to have to go and look up Cathy and see what I might find, thanks for sharing!
    I hope you had a lovely day with your hubby!

  5. Oh how sweet! I love her store and have some things in my cart for E!

  6. I love her blog and her store. She is an inspiration. Love that hoop... hmm I might need one for my daughters room wall. :D

  7. oh thank you Claire! I am so happy you like the felt flowers and hoop! You totally made my day with this post. Thank you!!!

    1. Cathy it was my pleasure. I am working hard on recognising the positives in life and your parcel gave my daughter and I so much pleasure I felt I had to share!