Wednesday, 10 April 2013

This Is Me

I signed up for the Studio Calico class as soon as it came up. I knew I wanted to make sure that I was recording more than just Miss Three's life but a quick glance through the albums told me I was failing. Hubby and I make an occasional guest appearance but the star of the show is undoubtedly our daughter. Don't get me wrong - I have not made an album of her first year even but we mainly take photos of her at play.

Part of the issue is that I came to scrapbooking late. I only took my first class when Scarlett was about eight months old and only really got stuck into the hobby six or eight months later so I have not been a memory keeper in a time before the child. I also struggle with the idea that I don't really have any stories worth telling. This is not going to be a pity party but more a reflection of the fact that as a SAHM expat wife and mother I have definitely lost a great part of the sense of who I really am. There is no real community in the real world that I am a part of and as I am not working, it has been a challenge to make friends. Does cleaning, cooking and scrapbooking make for good pages?

Fortunately the prompts for the class, mainly in the form of example albums from a variety of scrap stars, have been great. I have a big list of ideas that I wish to scrap. Not just the where I am and what I am doing kind but the deeper, spiritual important ideas about me and where I have come from and most importantly where I am going. This class is actually turning into a real life raft in a time of  tremendous uncertainty for me and my family.

It has quickly become apparent to me that this is going to be an ongoing project. I was dismayed initially that I could not manage to find a handbook to use as the basis for the album. It has been a blessing really as 12 x 12 pages will enable me to tell my stories in the way that is most comfortable for me. It has also made me realise that I need to create an Us album for the stories of my husband and myself together. Not just the stories before MT but the stories of our life together now. 

I have also signed up for what I hope will be a life enhancing class called The Self Care Blueprint which is being run for the final time in May. It is run by Deb Dane of Home Life Simplified and Kirri White and the focus is making self care a priority. I am super excited for May to come around!

I have only completed one layout for my album so far.

I purchased the beautiful liberty covered word for my bedroom but found that the idea of dreams has been at the forefront of my mind. Not so much the ones that happen when we sleep (in fact I rarely remember my dreams - maybe one a year) but more the ones we wish for in our lives. I knew I wanted to have some hidden journalling about my dreams but when it came down to it I found I did not really have any for myself anymore. I have plenty for my family and MT and hubby individually but my mind has remained blank on the topic of my dreams for me. Something needs to change and it will.

On a lighter note, I left this layout out in the lounge where I had photographed it quickly. I returned to find that MT had completely dismantled it and neatly laid all the veneer, envelope and flair beside it. Oh and she had removed the string from the envelope too. Sigh.

I mainly used pieces from my Studio Calico February kit along with a piece of flair from the Paper Bakery. I am in love with their flair and their range is great. There are some ubiquitous enamel dots there too.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. thanks for reviewing the class :) im curious to know what is offered, coz i didnt register :)

  2. love it...and what a great sounding journey!!!