Monday, 29 April 2013

Listmania 15: Currently

Currently I am:
Reading: The Newlyweds by Nell Freudenberger  - generally pretty good and Margaret Mahy's Down the Back of the Chair (at least once a day) at the request of Miss Three.
Listening to: Spotify mainly the Placebo channel
Laughing at: The Daily Show especially their recent piece about Fox News' willingness to abandon every part of the constitution in relation to the Boston bombing (with the exception of the right to bear arms). Worth googling for! In fact here is a link!
Fox News Riff
Swooning over: The orchids, vegan cake and bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne that hubby gave me the day after my birthday when he arrived back from Jakarta. The pandora charms he gave me were swoonworthy too. Oh and the pinterest page my sister-in-law has set up for flower girl dresses for Miss Three. Who knew gun metal tulle could be so pretty?
Planning: A month of me. I am signed up for the 30 Day Self Care Blueprint course that Deb and Kerri White are running. It is also International Scrapbooking Day next weekend and hubby is in town all month. I am going to be working on me and make some big decisions.
Eating lots of: Junk in anticipation of being healthy next month... am I the only person who does that? Oh and the delicious vegan cake hubby found for my birthday.
Feeling: Well rested after falling asleep before 7:30 on Friday and Saturday nights while putting Miss Three to bed. We are such party animals. Hubby fell asleep too on Friday!
Discovering: Just how much I needed to head back to NZ. Now we have set a date for our trip (much sooner than anticipated) I feel nothing but relief.
Looking at: The contents of my daughter's drawers. She has too many clothes and not all of them fit. I see a massive sort in my future.
Wearing: Maxi dresses and capris - the weather is warm and the legs are waxed! I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
My current fave from Virtu

 Once again I am linking up to Deb at Home Life Simplified

What is happening currently in your little part of the world?


  1. what a pretty dress! Laughing at the party animal status - aren't we all.

    Looking forward to spending may with you xx

  2. Great list! We have down the back of the chair too and I hear you on too many clothes for little girls. My daughter's is bursting too!
    Well done on the month for you!

  3. love this list...but mostly the wearing section!!!

    and as for being party animals...NOT
    i am the same....would rather be home!!!
    in my jim jams!!!

  4. i just ate cookies and I'm going to personal training tonight! hows that for hypocritical/oxy moronic?! i love maxi dresses and capris too! - Aroha

  5. Oh Claire, you will love the is life changing!! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday!! :)