Monday, 22 April 2013

Listmania 14: Music

Such a wide open topic to look at this week! It seems timely though with the arrival of Spotify in Singapore in the last week. I have listened to more music this week than in the entire year prior. I did not realise just how much I need music in my life to boost my mood. I was also quite unaware how much new music I would like and how much I would loathe!

So in the spirit of enjoying something new my list is going to be my favourite five songs on Spotify at present and the top five features of the app as a whole. I have decided to focus on the positive as my disliked songs list could be enormous!

In no particular order:

1. Pink and Lily Rose Cooper: True Love

2. Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

3. Imagine Dragons: It's Time

4. Bic Runga: Something Good (such an upbeat song)

5. Goldenhorse: Maybe Tomorrow (always makes me homesick)

Five Best things about Spotify

  • Really reasonably priced (indeed free if you don't mind ads)
  • Super customisable
  • Introduces you to a whole raft of musicians in a style you like that you may not otherwise get to hear
  • Really simple to operate
  • Customisable for the whole family. I am in the process of setting up a couple of play lists for Miss Three

Are you a fan of Spotify or Pandora? What is your favourite channel currently?

Thanks Deb from Home Life Simplified. I really enjoyed this week's list. I would love you to link up with this weeks list.

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  1. Well, aside from Pink, there is not one name in this list I recognise! Off to see what this 'Spotify' is all about...

  2. I've no idea about spotify (or Pandora for that matter) - I just download music from itunes. But both you and Deb have mentioned it so I'm off to check it out!
    Thanks for the clips - such great music!

  3. Oh, and a big happy birthday for Thursday Claire! I will be thinking of you as on that day as I am catching up with my brother who has just returned from a holiday to Singapore.

  4. " I did not realise just how much I need music in my life to boost my mood" - this is me too - i always forget how it lifts me up so much. spotify on my computer has really increased me listening - even though i have hundreds of songs on the computer and itunes i never got them on but spotify i do open most days lol

  5. Thanks so much for adding in video links! I loved listening to your faves...and my 4 yr old son keeps asking me to play the Of Mice and Men song over and over!! It reminds me of one of my current favourite bands, Arcade Fire. Off to check out spotify!!

  6. oh man, having a BALL listening to these, this is so fun!! thanks Claire!

  7. I'm a music addict, so this is a list right up my alley :-)
    Some great choices on your list!

  8. I think I need to find out what spotify is! I don't mind Of Monsters and Men either.