Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Family Weekend in Kuala Lumpur

We spent part of the Easter weekend in KL. We all needed to just have a relaxing break and we certainly had that. This will be quite a picture heavy entry!

We made the trip on a Wednesday afternoon. Poor Tet flew into Changi at noon and we were back at the airport again by 4.30 pm. We flew with Jetstar for the first time in Asia and we were very happy with the flight and the very low airfares.We were a little anxious about the journey as it involved 2 taxi rides, a train journey and the plane trip. Miss Three is much better travelling either late at night or in the morning. We really were pushing it flying at this time of the day. She was a trooper although I do feel sorry for the people sitting around us as she did sing quite a bit on the plane. She finally fell asleep in the taxi to our apartment in KL which meant she had a very late night!

She was up super early on Thursday morning so she and Tet went out on an adventure letting me have a lie in and a gentle start to the day. Some of these photos were taken by Tet.

Checking out the kiddy pool on the 22nd floor of our apartment building
After having a look at some of the facilities at the serviced apartments we were staying at, MT and Daddy headed into the area around KLCC (the convention centre). There is a huge public space with lakes, playgrounds, fountains and a water play area. It is child heaven, especially early in the morning before it hits the 36 degrees it was each day we were there.

The Petronas Towers: until recently the tallest building in the world
The biggest playground ever!
Whale and dolphins cavorting in the lake
We were totally surprised to find blossom in the tropics
We spent part of each day in this area. MT just loved having so much space to run around. There was even a soft running track for her to race her parents. We were surprised how far and fast she can run now. I would totally recommend this area of KL for staying if you have younger children as there is so much free and appropriate space for them to hang out in.

When they returned to the apartment we went to the restaurant on site for breakfast.

The food was great and very reasonably priced. The views were pretty great from the 22nd floor.

We spent most of that day just pottering around the apartment and checking out the mall next to the playground area. We ended up eating room service for dinner and it was really fantastic. We had intended going out for dinner but just as we were about to leave there was a massive tropical downpour.

Room service dinner
We chose to stay at The Ascott Serviced Apartments. We have found having the extra space in an apartment is so much better with a three year old. We cannot always afford to take this option but in this case the apartment was over $100 a night cheaper than the hotels we were looking at. As a bonus we were upgraded to a 2 bedroom apartment so we were in a huge space in a great location. My only complaint was that there was no wifi in the room which was tricky when it came to buying my Studio Calico kit at midnight...

The living room

 Enjoying the comfy chair before bed
Modelling the linen basket in the main bedroom
Enjoying the pool
One of the other major reasons we came to KL was we have a couple of really good friends who live there. They are moving to Bangkok soon so this was a great opportunity to see them while they were still in KL and it meant that Scarlett could get to meet their dogs.

Suburban KL

Meeting the dogs
Yoshi the shih tzu - he loved MT - the other two not so much

Alan and Indera were such good tour guides and drove us around a lot. We really enjoyed Alan's cute little Peugeot car with the glass roof. It was awesome for looking at all the skyscrapers in the KLCC area. They took us to some great malls and interesting parts of town including the Pavillions Mall and Bangsar. We also had an amazing breakfast at an Indian restaurant in Bangsar.

Paper Dosai and our friend Indera

A gorgeous cafe in Bangsar

MT loving the car

MT being totally spoilt by Uncle Alan and Uncle Indera

 We just has such a great relaxing break in KL and are definitely going to return with my Dad later in the year. 

Scarlett playing with the Lego in Parkson Department Store

Dancing with the robots

We did the reverse of the journey we made up to KL but left a little later in the evening and MT was much better. She fell asleep on the plane journey on the way back. We found KL airport was very good with small children. There were plenty of places to eat and there was a great children's playground right next to the gate our flight departed from. There were also massage chairs which we all tried out. We felt unstressed and happy on the homeward journey and were ready and bale to get stuck into Easter Sunday upon our return.

On the train to  KL Airport

Playing by the gate at KLIA

Squirming on the massage chair
I hope this was an interesting look at our weekend. We had a wonderful trip. KL is a fun place to spend a few days and, like the rest of Malaysia, the food is wonderful.


  1. wow, you came to my city :) you should have visited the bookstore and isetan shop, there is washi tapes and nice stationeries if u like :)

  2. Looks beautiful! I LOVE seeing bits of Singapore from your blog, it's so intriguing to me!

  3. what a fun sounding trip!!!
    love the pics of the pools and playgrounds and malls!!
    wow and what a great apartment!!
    glad the trip went well

    **love your pl pages too (post below)

  4. This is so odd. I visited KL in the 1970s and remember it as a scruffy place although we did stay in one very luxurious hotel with curtains that were controlled via remote control from the beds (we children were completely impressed by this). But it's become so glitzy! All those skyscrapers!! The Petronas Towers are scarily amazing.