Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Project Life Week 14

It was a much less eventful week in our lives than many. At first I was afraid we would not have enough to fill the spread buy it turned out I had too much to share and not really enough space to journal. I am glad that most of the photos are self explanatory.

My favourite images from this week are all ones my husband took. I love the picture he took of Scarlett sitting in the guardhouse at the gate to our condo. We have two very tolerant, in fact doting security guards who let Miss Three do whatever she likes in their space. Her current favourite activity is to sit in the big chair and wave to our neighbours as they come in and out. Mr Siva and Mr Aziz are a real part of our family as we talk to them almost every day. The other images I like are the photos from our neighbourhood that hubby took while walking to work one day. There are some lovely restored terrace houses just a few streets away. I am not sure if the original owners would have appreciated a statue of Colonel Sanders outside!

Miss Three was sick with a couple of different bugs this week so we spent a lot of time inside the house. She and Poppy shared the sofa for an afternoon nap one day. She and her father also found some fun activities to do inside including playing hopscotch in the hallway and designing a zipline for one of our USB keys!

This smaller format page simply used the reverse of last week's papers. I love the black chevron and it makes a great narrow frame around the larger photos. I cut up an older SC card for the heart on the guardhouse picture and used some of the Snap green alphas from a couple of SC kits ago. I also used the woodgrain font in the most recent PL kit and an owl flair from my big jar.

One of MT's favourite activities this week was making a lei in the Lollibox craft kit she received. I have been very impressed by the Kiwi Crate kits I have seen online and found that Lollibox is the Singapore equivalent. The lei was such fun to make and apart from needing me to thread the needle and tie a knot at the end MT was able to complete it totally independently. She also made a sun visor as part of the same Sea and Sand kit. I have also included a little bit of the story of our current transport arrangements. We miss our company car but we are making the situation work.

I used an older sheet of Amy Tangerine paper from my stash for this page. I included a couple of pieces of flair and a lovely wood veneer card. The this and that sentiment seemed to go perfectly with the mish mash of stories appearing this week.

Hubby is off in Jakarta for the rest of the work week. This is his last scheduled trip for the year! His new role has not been finalised so we remain in limbo until we find out if we are staying here or moving somewhere else. We have ruled out a transfer to the US (health insurance being a major factor) but are open to remaining in Singapore or moving to Australia (specifically Adelaide) or back to New Zealand. At this point I do not really mind where we end up... I just want to know where we will be!

On a happier note, my sister in law Yaeh has set a date for her wedding in April next year and has asked MT to be her flower girl. We are currently looking for suitable flower girl outfits which gives me a good excuse to spend time on Pinterest.

Right the supermarket is calling my name and then I hope to get my scrap on before I pick MT up off the school bus. Happy crafting!

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  1. I love your PL spread, it turned out beautifully, she looks so adorable waving out the guards window!