Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Foodie Heaven

I found a pair of stray photos from when my dad was visiting us last year. They were very similar shots of the two of us with big plates of food in front of us - definitely something worth recording.

I remembered there was an Inspired Blueprints sketch for two 4 x 6 photos so I found that and got stuck in.

Inspired Blueprints | Sketch 85 

I was right in the middle of trying to use up my Block Party kit from Studio Calico. This definitely helped.

I used the grid vellum as my base paper and used up pieces of scraps from a previous layout to mat all the photos. I had a package of flags that I had no idea what to do with so I turned them into the banner. I used some large wooden bracket shapes to form the top part of the banner. A little journalling and some flair and I was all done. I was really glad to use some OA flair that I had no idea how I would use with tomatoes on. The crab sauce in one of the shots has a little tomato in it so there is a tenuous link!

The top photo is taken at one of my favourite restaurants in the world. It is not flash - check out the stainless steel plates and cups but the food there s just amazing and incredibly cheap. We usually feed the four of us for under $20. The lower photo was at a meal of chili crab that we ate in Penang. The crab was amazing! Hubby took both the photos from across the table!

My SC kit for March finally arrived on the first of April! It is a little hard to be enthusiastic when it has taken so long to get here. It came via Switzerland which struck me as more than a little odd. I have my fingers crossed that the kit I ordered earlier this week gets here much faster.


  1. Totally love the little banner. I always find that the best places are always super cheap (and often down ally ways LOL). I still don't have my March Kit - I am not a happy camper but it does mean that I can use up some old supplies.

  2. via switzerland....what!!!
    madness~!!!! sorry both you and Manda didnt have yours for so so long!!!! love the banner too!!!

    and post below
    * love your listmania list....
    ohhhhhhhhhhh you have bloom already!!! aint hit the shelves in NZ...so want to read it as love her blog!!!
    and of course...lion in the meadow is a great book!!!