Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Project Life Week Fifteen

Good morning. This week's spread was a quick and easy effort. We have a busy week planned and I knew I wanted to get it done rather than have perfection. Fortunately I am still pretty happy with the result.

I was a little worried that I would not have enough portrait oriented pictures to use on the back side of this sleeve but it turned out I had plenty. The papers are the reverse of the Amy Tangerine paper from two collections ago that I used last week. All the labels are Twine and Ink labels from my SC Project Life kit. I want to say the Dim Sum letters are Basic Grey but I cannot find any brand mark on them to be sure.

There were quite a lot of food photos taken this week. We went out for a family breakfast at Jone The Grocer. Tet and I had eggs and so forth whereas Miss Three settled for a macaron and a cupcake! The other larger picture was of ballet lesson coffees with our friend and her baby while our daughters attended ballet class. We ate some delicious dimsum at MAD but were not prepared to queue like the hundreds of Singaporeans to try the new Tim Ho Wan outlet. Tim Ho Wan has a Michelin star for his dumplings in Hong Kong and his first Singapore branch has been outrageously popular.  The other three photos are more random. A toy pram for sale with a hefty $1100 price tag. Outside the same mall we enjoyed the free beauty of the rainbow reflections from the Gucci store frontage. Hubby provided the last image as he attended a work bowling match during the week. He was pleasantly surprised by how he went but was not among the top performers.

The visible cards this week are all from SC Project Life kits. I have put them all together so I am not sure which kit they are actually from now. The label on the photo of MT and her Daddy is a cut down journalling card as well. The labels are a mixture of Jenni Bowlin and Twine and Ink.

This page is lots of little snippets of life. A funny sign in a store that threatens to sell unaccompanied children to the circus tickled my fancy. Miss Three has taken to stripping down to practically nothing and demanding to sit on my knee to watch TV. As you can see there is not much watching for me! Tet and MT have been playing mermaids a lot lately, using MT's old sleeping bags for tails. I guess it is a good way to reuse them. Finally our teeny tiny street is the proud owner of a pair of street lights while construction goes on. While it is barely wide enough for two cars to pass comfortably in places, it is extremely busy with some pretty large developments going on. We have a lot of large trucks and so on up and down while the new buildings are being completed. I thought the sequins were a fun echo of the lights.

How is you PL going? Are you still keeping up or, like me, a little behind but fighting the good fight?

I am off to edit some more photos. I really want to be more caught up! We have a public holiday here tomorrow so I am hoping to get some PL time in then.


  1. Sometimes quick and easy is the best! Sweet pages :)