Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Shimelle Starting Point: Time For Tea

Long time readers of my blog will be aware of my love of Shimelle's starting points. They are such a fun way to start a layout. I tend to keep my additions to the starting point relatively minimal and today was really no exception.

The original starting point was all the layers of paper and (in my case) washi in the top third of the page. I do not really have any punches so I desided to use washi in place of the punched strip of paper suggested. I added a date label, an additional strip of washi and a brad to the top section.  My journalling and title work clustered in the bottom right quafrant, leaving a good chunk of white (or indeed aqua) space. Once again this is a Summer of 69 kit layout with some additional OA Woodland Park labels.

The photo is from Christmas morning. Scarlett received a beautiful tin tea set from her "uncles" in KL. She spent most of Christmas morning making us all cups of tea. It was one of her favourite presents.

Thanks for the kind words from readers with regards to my health. My procedure went well and I was given a clean bill of structural digestive health. I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is much more common than I realised and we have started a couple of medications which, to be honest, do not appear to be helping. I am very interested in alternative medicine though so I am hopeful I may find some other treatments that do work. If anyone out there has had some good experiences I would love to hear of them.


  1. so glad to know you're okay! i have no idea about alternative meds, I'll ask around though!

  2. I'm sorry to hear you have ibs. I was diagnosed ibs-d several years ago. Ive never liked the prescription drugs. I self medicate with immdoium ad, fiber supplements, probiotics and watching what I eat. Everyone's triggers are a little different. For me personally, too much fat or caffiene can trigger it. Thinking of you as you go down this path.

  3. Feel better! Your LO is lovely--love Shimelle's starting points.

  4. Glad to hear of your clean bill of health (relatively). I hope that you find some relief from the medication.
    Your page looks so pretty and fun - those colors are great!

  5. I love the title! glad to hear you're ok!

  6. yah for some idea on what you might to find some relief!!!!

    love the layout too...cute