Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Road Trip Album Part Two

I have really enjoyed watching my daughter enjoy this album. It is  helping her remember the names of places and people we visited on our road trip. Even my husband has flicked through it a few times. I think I will make a lot more of this type of mini. I hope Amy Tan is going to keep on making them!

We stayed with Tet's sister Yaeh and her Fiance Henry for two nights in the resort town of Wanaka. They have such a lovely home. I was so excited to finally be able to use the Potty People stickers from the original Amy Tangerine collection on this spread.

Scarlett loved sitting on the deck at Yaeh's. I framed this photo with some Smash Washi tape.

Wanaka is a mountain town with great skiing in the winter and wonderful hot summer days by the lake. Scarlett really enjoyed running around on the town beach.

Wanaka has a permanent population of around 5000 people but this can swell to triple that during the ski season. Scarlett enjoyed visiting her namesake cafe The Cheeky Monkey. They had a lovely garden adjacent that she ran around and burnt off some of that excess energy all toddlers seem to have.

Enjoying the freedom down the long drive to Aunty Yaeh's

I love the pages with lots of journalling space. The pocket has a wee story about Scarlett's first crush.

It was so hard to leave Wanaka behind but our next destination, Tekapo was just as lovely. To top it off Yaeh and Henry drove across to spend an extra day with us!

There is one more section of this mini album to share. I hope you are enjoying this little insight into our trip home.


  1. Well done. Such a rich album. Love that she reads it too :)

  2. This is fabulous! I love what you did with everything, especially the photo that you framed with the washi! And, that is so cool that your family is also enjoying your album!! I need to get some of these minis!

  3. This is really cute! It look fantastic!

  4. such a lovely album your daughter created of her trip

  5. What a great mini album! I love it!

  6. Just having a 'surf' whilst I'm here...my DH is a Kiwi...so I'm always attracted to reading about 'ex pats'....sounds like a beaut holiday & we have family near Wanaka....LOVE this album!!! It rocks:):):) Also, I ALWAYS wanted to do ballet - but growing up in a small country Victorian town in OZ - nadda chance...I'm sooo glad you're 'overcoming' your prejudices re: the ballet...sounds like your little one is going to be a dancer, without a doubt:):):)