Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Listography: 5 Songs I grew up to

I am so pleased to see Listography back and what a wonderful topic. I do not mention it much on my blog but I love music. Pre Scarlett almost all my vacations were arranged around seeing bands live in various exotic and not so exotic locations. 

I loved music from a young age and I have very fond memories of watching Ready to Roll and Shazam as I was growing up in New Zealand.

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen  

This is the first song I can remember being number one. I thought their dungarees were so fashionable. I can still get a decent score on the Wii singing along to this one!

Aha - Take On Me

Unlike all my friends I was in love with Mags, the keybord player, rather than the dishy singer. The video is what sold me on this song and I still think it stands up quite well as a video even now. I really loved Aha and had all their tapes!

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf 

 I loved this band around the time I was into Aha. I had about four albums on vinyl no less and lots of 7 inch singles. This is not a favourite of mine now but I listened to this song so often that I practically wore the record out - the groove was significantly deeper!

Depeche Mode -  Never Let Me Down Again

If you asked me what my favourite band was growing up my answer would always be Depeche Mode. I still love them. One of the best moments of my life was seeing them live at Wembley Arena with my best mate (who had put up with listening to them when we shared a room at boarding school). It was fantastic! I love this song and video. Dave Gahan could sing the phone book and I would quite happily buy a copy.

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

A misspent youth dancing and drinking underage in Singapore was accompanied by a New Order soundtrack. Hearing one of their songs takes me straight back to the Warehouse Night Club where my 13 year old self used to spend her Friday nights. Gotta love growing up at a time when they never age checked the expats!

Thanks so much for posting this prompt Kate. It has been a lovely trip down memory lane. I cannot wait to go and see everyone else's lists now!


  1. Great list, I remember dancing the night away to all of these down our local youth club, lol! Brought back some memories x

  2. Wow I remember these. Brings back some memories, thats for sure :-)

  3. Great reminders of my College days, especially New Order :)

  4. Great list! I know all the words to a couple of those lol.

  5. Cool list, I can definitely see a theme going on with those choices!

  6. These are all on my favorites list, too!! Love 80's music!

  7. Perfect - could have all been mine too!