Friday, 21 September 2012

White Space and a Specialist

This post is a bit of a grab bag of the good, scary and a layout.

I had a wonderful morning tea out with a fellow blogger on Monday! In true hopeless style, I did not take a single picture! I had been following Britney's blog for a while and then she announced she was moving to Singapore. We have kept in online touch since she arrived and finally we managed to meet in real life! It was really great to meet her and her gorgeous children. I love the fact that our blogs have enabled us to meet someone we would never normally come into contact with. We had some lovely pastries at my favourite Tiong Bahru Bakery and a little look around a new neighbourhood for them. I am really looking forward to meeting up with them again soon.

You may have noticed that there have been a few gaps in blogging over the last few weeks. Over the past few months I have really been struggling with stomach issues. I am not going to share too much information but suffice to say that Imodium is my best friend at present. I have seen two doctors and a specialist in the past week or so and we are now at the point of having a colonoscopy. I am all booked in for Monday morning. At the very least I might get some answers about what is going wrong with my whole digestive system. I am trying not to get too worried about it all but I must confess to being more than a little nervous.

Crafting time has been more than a little limited with illness and hubby being away a lot with work of late. I have one new layout to share today.

This layout was inspired by a question Britney asked me when we met up about what I liked about Singapore. This led to me thinking about what I really missed and that is space. Space to run and play for Scarlett and room to breathe for me. I don't usually go monochromatic with my layouts but it just felt right for this topic. I used a little of the Hambly overlay from one of the Summer of 69 add ons and the corrugated letters came from there too. All the pictures are from December last year.

We are already entering the weekend here and it is a very exciting one as the Formula One Night Race happens here this weekend. There is a real buzz around town at this time of year! I am not going but I will enjoy the buzz. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Lovely layout, what a cutie you have there.

  2. HI Claire! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think the monochromatic look worked great for this layout.

    I recently met a blog friend in real life, too, and it was so much fun. We'd been reading each other's blogs for a couple of years and I felt like I already knew her.

  3. hope you get these health issues sorted!!!
    lvoe the layout...

    and cute post the ben and gerry shot!!!