Monday, 1 October 2012

Blog My Heart : The September (well now October) Edition

Okay. I may have squealed just a little when this appeared in my Facebook feed. I would love to say I read it while keeping up with my reader but there are over 200 unread things on there at present so I am looking forward to reading Stephanie's post again later in the week!

For those who have not come across Blog Your Heart before, it is an opportunity to blog about the things that are on your heart and mind currently. I have found it such a useful exercise as it enables me to be grateful for the positives and to get the things that are bothering me off my chest. Head over to Stephanie Howell's blog and check out the other contributions if you do not follow her already. It is always an interesting read.

1. My recent diagnosis with IBS has been a pretty negative thing for me.I was hoping they would find something wrong that could be easily sorted. Instead this looks like it is going to be a long process with no guarantee that it will ever be resolved. While I am grateful that we have health insurance which meant I was treated quickly it is unlikely the insurance will cover the things that may actually help including a dietitian, acupuncture and stress reduction. Funnily enough the whole constant running to the toilet and becoming increasingly housebound is making me very stressed!

2. I am still too scared to look for a job. I fear I have completely talked myself out of it now. I could really do with some more social interaction that a job would provide, not to mention the fact that earning some money would be quite a nice bonus. I have postponed everything until January when S will start five day preschool but I worry I will let the fear rule then too.

3. I love having people to stay with us on their way through Singapore but less so when hubby is away. Even when they are super independent I feel pressure to show people around and when T is away life is a pretty scary juggling act. 

4. I am sooo behind on Project Life. I am going to have to do monthly spreads for July, August and September to catch up. I still love it but I am finding it a bit of a nagging voice in the back of my mind.

5. I have failed to make a single meaningful friendship in the time I have lived in Singapore. I have been here for two and a half years and I do not have a single person who I could just call for no reason. Indeed I no longer have anyone I could do that with. It makes me sad.

6. I adore the fact that my husband has a job that he loves. Lately though, the travelling schedule has been brutal on us as a family. September was a killer with trips every week and now October is the same. He assures me that November will be better but I seem to recall that he said something similar about October. I just keep focusing on the sir miles. We have enough for two of us to get to New York in July and hopefully enough for me to head back to NZ mid next year too.

7. T and S were talent scouted by a modelling agency on the weekend. Well, T was approached about S. I have checked them out and they are an amazing agency who have models working for some major companies. I just worry I might make her too aware of her physical side by following this opportunity. What if she turns into one of those Toddlers and Tiaras girls or I turn into one of those Mums!?

8. I am super excited about Christmas. We have family from Japan and NZ coming for the holiday period and that makes me happy. I am working on creating some family traditions for the Christmases we spend in the tropics as it is very far from a white Christmas here.


  1. Claire thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I hope some of the problems you're having will resolve themselves soon. I will be praying for you.

  2. oh claire my heart breaks for you!!!
    so hard to be far away from friends and family!!! but YAH that they are coming to see you...and you are coming back to NZ>...wahoooooooooooo

    as for christmas i am with you!!! making decorations at the moment for a swap!!! so fun!!!

  3. Thank you do much for your comments. You are a great Mom too. I can tell. I am sorry for your health. I really hope you will get some relief. You need to get a girl friend. I don't know what your beliefs are but have you tried to pray and ask God for a friend? Also I think that the modeling thing would be a fun thing for you and your daughter. It would be an opportunity to bond and get social and get out of the house. I don't think you will become a crazy Mom like you said. I think it is all about the Mom and how you react. Just take it as something fun. I play dress up and photo shoot with my girls all the time.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice comment! I can relate to all that you are saying above! It is hard being the new girl! Don't worry about the job, one thing I found was once both the boys were in school I was busier than ever with volunteer opportunities and stuff like that. Maybe that is what you are meant to do! We are so alike, I love having guests too but hate doing it all alone when my husband is gone, I feel like I have to play tour guide even when the guests are more than happy to go out on their own!! I guess we both just have that "good hostess" gene! Good luck with the IBS, I hope they are able to figure something out for you to make you better! Take care and lots of HUGS!

  5. Hi Claire! Thanks for checking out my "blog your heart" post. I recognize you from SC, but I mostly just stalk there. :) I was diagnosed with IBS years ago, mostly because they couldn't find anything else to explain my symptoms. But that whole "afraid to leave the house" feeling? Yeah, been there. It's awful. Have they given you anything to try to help? Stay strong, mama!

  6. you know what i've noticed??? almost ALL of us have blogged about the difficulty of finding friends. it's a shame we aren't all closer, isn't it. we'd make a lovely group of friends.

    i'm so sorry about the IBS...i head to the gastroenterologist soon, too. i might be in the same boat. :(

  7. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Sorry to hear about the IBS.Hope things settle for you soon. Reading your post sounds so similar to my life right now, especially the travelling husband and the friends. I am a Kiwi, moved to Brisbane in 2002, Melbourne in 2003 where I had awesome friends. We moved back to Brisbane in 2006 and still no real friends, lots of acquaintances but no-one to call on. Makes me feel better to read about others in the same situation. Take care xx