Monday, 3 September 2012

Giardia and International Travel Don't Play Nicely Together

I am so sorry for the long gap between posts. I was all set to have some pre written posts ready for our trip away when I was taken ill. I had yet another attack of stomach upset which kept me bed and bathroom ridden for three and a half days. Unfortunately, one and a half of those days I was supposed to be travelling and holidaying in Penang. Yes, I missed half my holiday.

Tet, Miss S and my Dad flew up to Penang on Friday as planned while I stayed in bed trying to recover from my mystery stomach ailment. It was my first ever night away from Scarlett and to add salt to the wound, she did not even ask for me until the next morning! I guess she was having too great a time with her daddy and Grandad.

The next day after much Imodium and no food I managed to stagger to the airport and fly up to Penang. I got to the hotel and had a little look around before having to take a very long nap to recover. I was so annoyed that I did not really feel well enough to enjoy the luxury of travelling alone and having a chance to look at the great shops at Changi Airport. It was a lovely quiet time of day that I flew and it was lovely to see the airport without being overwhelmed by thousands of busy travellers.

Waiting for my flight
I spent my first evening sleeping and hearing all about the exciting trip to the Butterfly Farm that they had taken before I arrived. Scarlett was also very excited by the horses that were on the beach. I did manage to catch a photo of the sunsetting after my long nap while the others went to dinner.

The beach is nothing to write home about in Penang but the hotel had a lovely pool and friendly staff. We moved closer into the city the following day as we wanted to enjoy the great food that Penang has to offer. The second hotel, The Gurney, was a paradise for Scarlett. They had a wonderful kids pool with slides and water play, beach football and volleyball (all on the 7th floor of the hotel), giant checker sets, pool tables, birds and bunnies to play with... what more could a toddler ask for?

Children's Pool

The adult's infinity pool was quite pleasant too

By Monday, on a strict diet of crackers, I was able to tackle a little sightseeing. The Georgetown area of Penang is home to some of the old British buildings left over from the time of colonial rule and some wonderful temples - both Chinese and Indian, along with some important mosques. It really is an area that reflects the multicultural nature of Penang.

Finally on the Monday night I was able to eat a proper meal and it had to be at Bali Hai, a great seafood restaurant along Gurney Drive. We had the most delicious Chili Crab along with wonderful soft Chinese buns. My mouth waters just thinking about it. 

We headed home Tuesday afternoon and the trip was to short (especially for me) but we were all ready for a night back in our own beds. My stomach has continued to be a bit precious and my GP has decided that I have most likely contracted Giardia somewhere in the last three months. As a result I have these ongoing issues. We are waiting to see if my tests confirm this but even if they do not I will have some treatment for it as it is the most likely condition. I have my fingers firmly crossed that it is Giardia as I am sick of being sick!

I have some crafty posts lined up for the rest of the week, even though I have barely picked up a pair of scissors in the past few weeks. Having visitors is a definite impediment to regular crafting. I have promised myself I will complete a layout a day this week so with luck I should have a good arsenal of craft to share next week too! 

Happy Monday!


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  2. Oh gosh it doesn't sound like you got off to a good start, but I hope you get better soon x

  3. This looks great! Especially the infinity pool! Too bad you didn't feel that well:-(