Tuesday, 19 February 2013


After being really spoilt with hubby home for a couple of months we are returning to the joys of frequent travel. This week he is in Tokyo. He is already complaining about the cold!

In true Murphy's Law fashion, our air conditioning compressors have both stopped working. In fact this happened while hubby was still at the airport in Singapore. Of course I cannot find the number for our air conditioning people. There is going to be some random phone calling of unlabelled numbers in my cell memory later today!

I have really struggled working with my December Studio Calico kits so I have moved onto my January kits and suddenly, with the help of some sketches, the layouts are flowing again.

This layout is from this sketch by Diane Payne for Write Click Scrapbook.

 I kept myself fairly strictly to three colours and really enjoyed playing with some new supplies as well as the kit. I had a little spend up on some flat embellies from Amy Tangerine, Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy and I have added a little Dear Lizzy and Maggie Holmes to this one in the form of the labels and tickets. I am also working at using up some of my older Thickers and I love these older Amy Tangerine ones. In fact, I have banned myself  from buying any more Thickers until I have reduced at least five sets to xs and js.

I don't get to see that many sunsets where I live. Often they are blocked by buildings and I am usually cooking or eating dinner or putting a certain small girl to bed when they occur. One day last year all the stars aligned and I managed to see and photograph a sunset through the buildings. When we have really amazing sunsets here it is often as a result of forest fires in Indonesia  so although they look beautiful they really are a sad thing to see.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. that's a beautiful capture!

    ps : hey, my BIL does air con servicing/repair/installation. holler if you're stuck.

    1. Thanks Sasha. I finally found their number fortunately. Sadly the cause is a bit of a mystery and is likely going to be an expensive effort for our landlady. Thank goodness we have one working fan in the house. I may head out and buy another tomorrow.

  2. lucky you caught that photo an def worth scrapping. Love how you used the cloud paper, perfect choice.

  3. oh no re the air con dying!!!
    ..love the sunset pic and layout too!!!