Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Blog Your Heart February Edition

I always get excited about the opportunity to take part in Stephanie Howell's Blog Your Heart. I suggest you check out Stephanie's original post  and the linky at the bottom. It is always an interesting blog hop.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this post.

1. blog whatever is authentic. whatever is truly on your mind and in your heart.
2. it can be serious, silly, short, long. note:no one said it has to be serious. but it should be authentic.
3. no judging allowed no snarky comments, no making fun, no passive agressive digs.if you are going to read the blogs linked below, don't be mean. nothing here is whining. it's me honestly sharing my feelings. if you feel that it's whining, then you don't have to read. :)

Stephanie always reads and comments on every entry which I find amazing as there are usually a lot of participants.

I decided to go back and have a look at my last BYH post and was surprised that there are some things the same and some things that have totally changed.

1. I am so grateful that I have a proper diagnosis for my stomach problems. Lactose intolerance is manageable although it does mean eliminating almost all processed foods as lactose is everywhere (in ham or chicken flavoured chips anyone?). It does mean we are eating better as a family although I do have to make sure that Scarlett gets enough calcium in cheese and other dairy products when I don't eat them myself.

2. I have baby fever again. More friends have just had babies and my best friend is having her first in July. I don't feel like our family is complete with one and I know Scarlett would love a sibling. I watched her looking after some of the younger girls at a school event last week and she was so gentle and sweet with them. However, my stomach issues are an ongoing delight and I am nearly 39 - not exactly the best time to be getting pregnant. I wish there was an easy answer.

3. The importance of sleep cannot be over emphasised. Scarlett is going through a very needy phase and this extends to being unable to spend an entire night in her own bed even if we move her bed into our room. Three in a queen bed is never comfortable and her father and I are really starting to struggle with the lack of quality sleep. Surely she won't still be wanting to sleep with us when she is five!

4. I detest children's parties! Scarlett turns three this month and we have promised her she can have a party. We looked into having one at her gym but when we tallied it all up it was going to cost over a thousand dollars! She is three! So it looks like a more intimate gathering at Build A Bear is on the cards. We do not have space where we live to have a party at home sadly. Hopefully we get out of having a party next year!

5. Scarlett has just started five day a week pre school so the pressure is on to go back to work. I really do not feel the passion for teaching that I once had. I would be much happier doing some sort of office work but I need the holidays and flexibility that teaching offers. I think maybe subbing might reignite the passion. I wish I could find a way to work from home.

6. It looks most likely that we will be staying in Singapore for the time being and that has made me a little sad. I love living here but I also liked the idea of a change of scene. I have struggled to make friends here and thought a new start would offer a clean slate. Sadly the offer in Bangkok is not that great and professionally Tet remains unconvinced that it is the right move for him. If we stay here we are both looking at ways that would make a transition back to New Zealand possible. 

7. I am having doubts about raising Scarlett here. In so many ways Singapore is wonderful for her but we have no backyard, no playground within walking distance and she already has to bus to pre school. If we were back home she would have a yard and a dog and walk to school. We could be part of a community whereas I feel very much alone in our little family bubble here. She is such a flexible girl and open to anything and I know she is happy at the moment. Trying to work out what will be best for her in the long term is really tough.

8. I love scrapbooking. It is the one thing that can calm my mind and make me appreciate all the good things in our lives when times are hard. I am keeping up with Project Life so far this year - I know we are only six weeks in but it make me happy to see our everyday life recorded.

9. I made the best decision ever when I married Tet. He is such a caring, considerate, loving husband and father. He works so hard to keep all three of us happy and healthy and although he occasionally drives me crazy I wouldn't trade him in for anyone! 

Making dumplings for CNY at S's school
Thanks for reading.


  1. Isn't it so true that as a Woman it is difficult to find your place professionally and with family? Loved reading your perspective - so similar to my own :)

  2. love this post
    and ohhhhhhhhh i hope you move back to NZ!!!
    id so love to meet you!!!

    as for the job....yeah i can understand the love for it fading....part time relieving would work!!! and no ties..just do work and walk out!!! ( bliss)

    all the best for the party too!!!
    im a party planner so love parties..yeah i know i am weird!!

  3. I understand you on the lack of good sleep. One of my children in particular (also three) has been waking up and coming to our bed lately. I try to put him back most of the time, but when I'm already exhausted it isn't always easy to care enough to get up.

    I hope you are able to figure out what to do with your living situation. No community makes life with babies difficult, especially for mamas. Glad to hear you have a supportive and helpful husband; it is, most definitely, a wonderful thing.

  4. Just a quick tip for lactose intolerance (I don't know how many products this applies to in Singapore, but just in case)--any items that are marked kosher (a circle with an O in it is a common sign, but there are bunch of symbols you can look for) and do NOT have a D for "Dairy" are 100% dairy free and even made on separate nondairy equipment. One of my Catholic friends is lactose intolerant and she loves coming over for Shabbos meals bc she knows there isn't a drop of dairy in anything, and no traces of dairy on the pans, etc! So that can help guide you with some products, especially in the US.

  5. my husband wonders if i'll ever NOT have baby fever! :) i absolutely adore the baby stage.
    what sweet words about your seem to be quite blessed!

  6. love these little glimpses into you! (and i totally understand the hatred of kids parties - I feel the same way!!)

  7. i am so glad to hear that your stomach issues are better, i've been wondering if you were feeling better. :)
    your daughter is SO CUTE i can barely stand it. hope you have a wonderful week! xoxo