Monday, 18 February 2013

Listmania 5 A Day in the Life

Welcome to Week Five of Listmania. This prompt is run by the lovely Deb at Home Life Simplified.

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In true procrastinator fashion I chose Sunday as my day as we often do a few things that are a bit more interesting than a week day.

One of the great joys of our Miss Nearly Three is that she wakes up very early in the morning. The deal is she has to stay in bed until 6 am but there is a lot of conversation and shenanigans in the time between wake up and get up.


Hubby is very good about doing the child organising when he is in town, so while he wrangles food and games I get to hop onto the computer and have a look at the latest news from back home in New Zealand. I rarely look at local news sites but I have a pretty good handle on what is happening at home through friends and the web.

I am the official barista at our place so I crank out a couple of flat whites to get hubby and myself as alert as we need to be. After a quick breakfast we need to prepare Miss Nearly Three for the first outing of the day - her weekly ballet class.

Miss NT loves ballet more than anything. She loves wearing her ballet clothing and practising what she has learnt in class. She asks almost everyday if today is ballet day. Today the answer was yes!

 One of the great things about ballet is that there is a Starbucks downstairs and parents are not permitted to stay for class. This is our guaranteed time every week to relax, catch up with each other and plan the week ahead. There was not too much joint planning involved this week as hubby is off to Japan for the week!

Sunday is also our day that we usually do some grocery shopping. I do order a lot of our non perishables on line but I like to go and choose my own produce and meat. We were there at opening time at our first stop - Medi-Ya which is the Japanese supermarket in Singapore. You can see the staff lined up at the door greeting customers as they enter for the day. It is a very nice touch.


We are finding we are buying more food at this supermarket since my food intolerance issues were diagnosed as there is a lot of dairy free food here. They also have regular food fairs from the various regions of Japan. We tend to eat Japanese food out rather than at home but it is nice to pick up some sweets and treats there.

Second supermarket stop of the day at one of the local Cold Storage outlets. I did not used to shop there that often but they are the only supermarket that stocks lactose free milk near us so they have become a bit of a lifeline. We tend to turn the trolley round the other way so MNT thinks she is driving - it makes for fewer tantrums in the supermarket.

After a brief stop at home to unpack all our purchases we were out in the car again. We no longer have our own car after a change in policy by hubby's work but we have access to a pool of company cars and we use one most weekends. It is a bit of a pain with the car seat but other than that it works quite well. Our next destination is a trial Yogabugs class.

MNT loved the class, in spite of being the only child there. The teachers were very happy with her so we have signed her up for a ten week block of classes. It will make Sunday a very activity filled day but she does not do anything other than pre school during the week so I think it all balances out.

After yoga we head to a new to us Japanese restaurant in the same complex. They have a really great range of kids meals so Miss NT is keen to choose the best one.

This was what she went for. Sushi, udon noodles, some battered fish and a yakult. I swiped the biscuits for a treat later in the week if she is crabby when we are out and about.

As always, MNT fell asleep in the car in the way home. Tet had a nap in the car with her and I went up to have a nap in my comfy bed. Sadly Miss NT's nap was too short and I only managed a 25 minute lie down. Still it was better than nothing.

The consequences of not enough nap were quickly visible. After a mega tanty about why she needed to at least put some underpants on peace was restored with the provision of her weekly treat - a cupcake.

Yes she only eats the icing

The rest of the afternoon passed peacefully as MNT watched Beauty and the Beast while dressed as Cinderella. I got on with making a very standard Sunday night dinner of sausages with mash and veges.

Daddy and Miss NT sit down for dinner.

Our cat Poppy has not been very well the last few days. She has had a few hairballs and they upset her. We found her comfortably resting in Miss NT's dolly bed at bed time. The poor dolls  will have to sleep on the floor tonight.

Scarlett wound down with a story app on the iPad before we all settled into my bed with a chapter of the Wizard of Oz. We have been reading it at bedtime for a couple of weeks and she has really enjoyed it. I am now on the look out for another good chapter book to start when we finish this one. I am thinking Roald Dahl's The Twits at this stage.

Sadly, I got a little bit careless with reading my labels last night and managed to eat some butter in my veges. My plans of doing some scrapbooking were instead replaced with some long hours in the bathroom followed by a big sleep.

What a way to end the weekend!


  1. What an eventful day! I got stuck at your coffee machine. I NEED one in my house.

  2. I loved seeing your photos and reading about your day. I think my daughter and your daughter would get along very well. My daughter is obsessed with ballet and has asked for a Cinderella dress for her birthday!

  3. LOVED your post thanks for the glimpse into your life. as lactose free myself i can relate! cracking up at the cat in the ikea bed and the post-nap tears!

  4. Can so relate to the three year old tantrums! Love seeing a day in your life as it is in a different country. I would spend forever in the supermarkets checking out the graphic design on the packaging. Hope the tummy improved.

  5. oh no!!!!!! the story was going so well until the lack of sleep , tantrum and sore tum!!! hope you feel better soon!!!

    love the pics of the day!!! and cute kitty asleep on the bed!!! love it

  6. your little one is so beautiful even when she was sad xx

  7. Loved seeing and reading your day!!

  8. How awesome and adorable is your cat! I hope she is feeling much better xx

  9. I have many days where the day starts off bright and fairytale-like and I think how sweet these moments are with my 3 year olds. Then it goes pear-shaped!
    The Twits would be a great choice, too!

  10. What great documentation of your day. Beautiful photos. Your DD is so cute! I have a nearly 4 child myself, so I can relate. Luckily, he do sleep past 5:47 though!

  11. I love seeing a peek into your everyday life!

  12. Thanks for sharing all aspects of your day, the fun and the well... not-so-fun.

    Love the cat in the dolls bead, our cat would totally do that too.

  13. Thanks for sharing your day! Your daughter is so cute, and I loved the "out and about" pictures and having a glimpse into life in Singapore, it must be so interesting! And I can almost guarantee next time I'm at the grocery store, I will be pushing the cart backwards...great idea!!