Thursday, 28 June 2012

Not My Kind of Style

I decided I would use up one of my oldest kits a wee while back using Shimelle Laine's cut it all up before you start approach. I was actually pretty enthusiastic about the whole process to begin with. As the kit has become sparser my enthusiasm has waned.

I am using papers I do not really love and making layouts that certainly do not make my heart sing. Having said that though, I am making layouts and recording memories but maybe not in a way that makes me feel good. I have found I am adding more supplies from elsewhere such as the Smash page in this layout and the glittery thickers in the one to follow. I used a sketch from the Simple Scrappers Members sketches very loosely for this layout but I think it is the colours that make my heart sink. It just is not really me.

I stretched this layout with some Smash tape, and some tidbits and lettering from the OA Cakewalk collection. 

Would I use this method again? Yes, possibly if I got very overwhelmed with my kits or had a collection that was too precious to cut. Some of my earlier layouts using this method I am more than happy with. I love the freedom I felt cutting into all the papers. It was an interesting experiment and one that I have learned a few valuable lessons from.

I struggled staying up until midnight for the Studio Calico presale last night. Singapore is exactly 12 hours ahead of the EST noon sale. I actually put three add ons in my cart and had the luxury of looking closely at them all before finally going with Twisty Slide. I was a little suprised as I thought I would probably have gone for Monkey Bars which was a much girlier kit but something in Twisty Slide spoke to me and I am quite excited about the kits arriving in a couple of weeks or so.

Right, I am off to sort my photos out into each of the weeks for Project Life now and if Monkey's nap is long enough I might even make a start on the 2nd week in May! Is anyone else as far behind as me?


  1. I really like the way these look! Great layering and cute photos!

  2. I really like these layouts. All the layering is just great! I think maybe I need to check out Shimelle Laine's cut it up before you start approach. It might be the help I need!

  3. Such great photos, and the layouts turned out so cute!

  4. Awww chin up, my first layouts made me feel the same way! I have learned that if I am not in love with certain papers, products, etc. I put them in the donate to school bin.

  5. I think they are both great Claire xxx

  6. done is better than perfect! trust me..!! you'll feel so good about using them up it doesn't matter what you made! and i love them, Claire!!

    keep it up!!

    have you booked your Phuket Hotel yet? whatever you do, don't do Kata Palm Resort. We were there in 2010. More mosquitoes than guests over there. haha!