Wednesday, 27 June 2012

On the other side of the table

Today was my first Parent Teacher Conference as a parent rather than a teacher. It was a bit of a strange feeling. Generally, Miss Monkey is going really well and her teachers are really pleased with her, especially her Mandarin progress. There are things to work on - not pushing and her speech clarity being the two majors but on the whole it went well. That is to say the interview went well. Me sitting in on her class for the morning did not go so well and I ended up leaving early in an attempt to improve Monkey's behaviour. She was just way too excited having me there to focus or listen. We had thought that might be the case but  hoped for something better.

Here are a couple of photos from today.

We had a lovely day out yesterday. We met my friend Alison and her son for a play at Jacob Ballas Garden. This is such a lovely spot with winderful playgrounds, water play and lots of child friendly information about plants in our Botanic Gardens. The children got on well and enjoyed  a treat afterwards together. 

 How cute are they together?

 Scarlett was really keen to take the MRT (subway/tube) for our next adventure and decided we needed sushi for lunch. We caught the train from the nearby station and headed to the Harbourfront for lunch.It was quite a long trip but she loves the MRT and she made lots of new friends with some of the older "Aunties and Uncles" on the train. We got a wonderful table at our favourite sushi spot and had a really excellent meal together. I am always wary of restaurants when it is just the two of us but she ate a lot and tried really hard to use her manners. 

The View From Our Table

There has been no crafting here the last couple of days with my husband away, but he is back in a couple of hours and all will be right with my little world again!


  1. Jacob Ballas is awesome. My Nidhi still loves it there even now at almost 10yr old!!

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to play! Claire is such a cutie pie!

  3. We just checked out Jacob Bellas the other day. Kids loved it! Glad hubbie will be back soon for you. I always struggle when mine is away ;)