Monday, 2 July 2012

Transmission Resumes

There has been a longer than expected break on the blog lately. In part, because I have Scarlett at home for a week as a result of a couple of teacher only days and in part because I have been out doing things rather than writing about it!

The thing I am most excited about is I have made some real progress with Project Life over the weekend. I have completed two weeks and am well into a third with the exception of a couple of small photos that I need to print out for week two. I feel such a degree of relief to get things back on track although I have just discovered I missed an entire major outing so there may be an additional insert popped into cover that. I love Project Life and would be very sad if I did not get it back on track!

Here is a look at a newly completed week!

As I predicted I have been using a few more pieces than usual from the Project Life Clementine kit in the interests of saving time. I also decided to take a leaf from Melissa Stinson's (aka Scrappy Jedi) book and use a different paper collection each week. I have made great use of my 6 x 6 pads to achieve this. This week I am using Studio Calico's Abroad papers. They made sense as this week is a combination of a week at home and Tet spending a few days in Shanghai for work. I have also included some flair from both Sasha Farina and Marcy Penner. I never quite got flair until recently and now I love it! I also added in a scrap from a piece of mason jar paper from the most recent Dear Lizzy collection and an Amy Tangerine sticker that made sense with the stories I was trying to tell.

Page two is even simpler. All the photos are mounted on SC Abroad paper and the text is on a mixture of printed Clementine pages and a couple of grid pages decorated with some washi. I still struggle with reducing the glare with the old point and shoot but at least you get the general idea.

If you arer thinking about trying Marcy or Sasha's products run don't walk as they tend to sell out quite fast. I took some photos of my latest orrder from Sasha when it arrived.

What is not to love? Her turn around times are lightning fast too.

I hope you all had a great weekend. Fingers crossed I will be back with something new tomorrow!

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  1. Great PL. I LOVE sasha and marcy's products too!