Thursday, 7 June 2012

Best readers ever

I just want to post a simple thank you for all the lovely comments and kind wishes for my Dad that were posted on yesterday's post. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to know that others were thinking of him and wishing him well.

The latest update is that he has lost two teeth and had two crowned. He now needs to get two implants in to replace the missing ones. The dentist was painful but better than he expected. He is really sore today though and will have to go back to the doctor as he has really injured his wrist which has become apparent over night. The good thing is in New Zealand we have something called ACC which covers pretty much all your medical costs if you injure yourself in an accident. We all pay a very small levy in our wages but anyone in New Zealand including tourists is covered in this scenario. He will have to pay a small percentage of the cost of his dental work but his doctor's visits are free. Gotta love that!

I have been too busy getting updates from home to be crafty today so instead I thought I would share a photo from Christmas time when we were last home with my Dad. Thanks again for all your kind thoughts.

My Dad, Alan with Scarlett and one of my sisters, Anne, in New Zealand in January 2012. I really should scrap this photo!


  1. Oh to have that medical plan... I think it is a brilliant way to take care of the country in many ways. I am also to hear about your dads progress and still praying here :)

  2. You should scrap the photo! I love how they are looking at Scarlett in it!
    Sending good thoughts and well wishes for your dad. Hoping he is pain free very soon.

  3. Aww, so sweet. What a great picture to have for all time. :) Glad to hear that he is getting better...hope that the trend continues.

  4. What a sweet photo!
    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Glad he is on his way to recovery though.

  5. Glad to hear your dad can get the care he needs and not have to stress about the cost. What a blessing! Hope he is feeling better very soon!

  6. You should totally scrap that photo!!! I am glad that your dad is going to be okay -- I hope he's back up to speed very soon!