Monday, 11 June 2012


 I have seen this kind of list in a number of spots but I stole this one from Lisa Dickinson and she has given credit to Tina Azmus.

eating  California Chips - Earthquake Flavour
drinking  Diet 7 Up as it will totally cancel out the chips
watching  Crime and Investigation channel - yep I love that stuff
listening  to the mynahs playing outside, the pile driver at work somewhere in the neighbourhood and The Civil Wars
loving  that our friend Alan is down staying with us for a week
enjoying feeling polished after having my eyebrows done this morning
wanting to spend the week scrapbooking
needing  to finally make a start on my CV
feeling glad to have the grocery shopping done for the day
preparing  for the July Studio Calico stamping class - I need to get all the unused stamps out of my kits!
thinking  that toilet training my very stubborn two year old is not going to be easy
searching for a part time job that would mean we don't need to get a live in helper
my second layout of the day using photos from a day at the beach last month
anticipating a fun trip to the goat farm with my daughter and her class later in the week

How is your Monday treating you?

And because I don't like to post with nothing to look at I thought I would share one of my favourite paintings that Scarlett has done at school lately.


  1. I feel that way about chips and diet soda sometimes. I know it's a fallacy but I'm clinging to it!

  2. Love this list!!!! Adorable painting. I had to start scanning in my oldests boys work and saving specific ones, after 4 years of school the box was so full! I love these treasures!

  3. I love little children's art! This is an awesome list:)

  4. Great list, and love how the Diet 7up cancels the chips. Love her artwork.

  5. I also totally loved how the Diet 7up cancels the chip!