Monday, 18 June 2012

Talking about the weather

There has been a lot of discussion about the weather here in Singapore lately. It is hot. Very hot. Combined with the high humidity it makes it very unpleasant to be out and about for too long. I should not complain. I love never really feeling cold but walking for any distance results in me becoming a sticky, smelly mess. Nevertheless, I went for a long walk this morning and feel better for it. I am also grateful that we have lovely clean air at present, as this time last year we had terrible haze from forest fires in Indonesia. Fingers crossed we might miss out this year.

The hot days at this time of year do impact on the activities we do with Scarlett. We try and keep her indoors during the hottest times of the day and a lot of our activities outdoors revolve around water. We spent part of our weekend in one of our coastal parks so that Scarlett could get some more practise on her scooter.

While there are a lot of smaller parks in Singapore there are only a handful with wide open green spaces. We love coming here even if it is about thirty minutes from home.

Scarlett is definitely more confident on her scooter now. It is certainly a great way to burn off all that excess toddler energy she has.

While the park is coastal it is not a swimming spot with some seriously large ships frequenting the waters. There were a number of people trying their luck fishing but we didn't see anyone catch anything.

I worked on a layout last week showing Scarlett's favourite form of exercise currently.

I based it on Waleska's sketch on the Elle's Studio Blog this week. I pulled a number of Elle's Studio bits out of my stash but this ended up being a bit of a Studio Calico May kit special combined with some MME stickers. Scarlett is obsessed with Hide and Seek at present and she and Tet had a lovely time playing among the trees at the Chinese Gardens a few weeks ago.

How are you all keeping cool in the summer heat?


  1. It is totally hot and humid out here too!! A cold drink is in order for sure. Those photos you used on your layout are so cute!!!

  2. It hasn't been hot here yet at all (MA), but is going to get hot this week - not looking forward to it!

    What a cute thing to scrapbook about!! Your banner is adorable!

    Stay cool!

  3. We have been hot and humid here in Florida, lots of iced lemonade and water here!

  4. Lovely weather up here in Barrie-ON. Lots of freezes for the kids and iced tea or the adults. Yumm!

  5. sounds fascinating!! I love learning about the area you live in! :)