Friday, 15 March 2013

Rest is best

The ongoing twin sagas that rule my life converged yesterday in unexpected ways. I had a very bad reaction to lactose yesterday afternoon and worst of all I have no idea where I came into contact with it. I was rendered completely non functioning with a blinding headache, upset stomach, nausea... it was not pretty. Fortunately, I was home and once I managed to order in some dinner for S and T I was able to hit the bed. Of course, hubby was held up at work and I had to stagger out to collect the dinner delivery and get S set up. Food smells do not make me feel any better so it was fairly unpleasant for all concerned. Once hubby got home I slept, but not before suggesting that he and S share the spare room and let me have the bed to myself.

I had no expectation that I would actually have the bed to myself. S has long since claimed that she is unable to sleep without Mummy. Even when she was still sleeping in her own room she would end up in our bed every night. In recent times she has been sleeping with me and T has been relegated to a mattress on the floor or the spare room as she will fight for space too much with all three of us there. I was astounded to wake up at 5:40 am, alone and feeling much better. S finally surfaced at 6.30 am which was quite a decent sleep in. Daddy even had his bed to himself until about five when she got cold and moved in with him for a cuddle. A great night for everyone and very unexpected.

We will take advantage of this in a couple of weeks after we have had a long weekend away and hubby has been away for 10 days or so for work. We are encouraging a few changes with the idea that S is a big girl now that she is three and she is quite receptive to this logic. Fingers crossed we might actually get our bed back by the end of March.

I had high hopes of having some Project Life to share today but after over two hours, birthday week is still a work in progress. Fingers crossed I will have something to share early next week. It could be the two inserts that are slowing it down!

I do have a new layout to share.

I could not believe the change in Scarlett in these two pictures that were only taken a few months apart. So I thought it best to record them. The layout is based on the latest Inspired Blueprints Sketch.
I stuck quite closely to it with the exception of swapping two photos in for the one shown. It was a great sketch for using up some odd pieces in my December Studio Calico kit.

Scarlett loved this little whale so I promised I would share a picture of it on the blog.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We are in preparation mode for hubby being away for the next week and a bit. I see a big grocery shop and some serious meal planning in my future.


  1. Gorgeous take on the sketch! Such lovely photos :-)

  2. Great layout! I love your PP choice!

  3. Love your take on the sketch! Can't wait to see your project life pages...happy Friday! :)

  4. Hi Claire, I have been your blog follower for some time. Decided to join inspired blueprints coz of you. Thanks for the inspiration to do more layouts this year.

    1. Hi Elisa. Oh I am so glad that I have inspired you to create more this year. I always feel happier on the days I play with paper. I am really thrilled to have stumbled across Inspired Blueprints. There are some great sketches on there. I intend to go back and try out some of the older ones when I am in need of some creative inspriation.