Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Stray and Delay

I was fully anticipating a Wordless Wednesday post for yesterday and a finished version of the Starting Point I shared earlier in the week going up today. Funny how life has other plans for us!

Scarlett went to bed off colour on Tuesday night and woke up on Wednesday with a very high temperature. Our 24 hour visitors arrived on Tuesday night and I had a flare up of my IBS on Tuesday night as well! Tet left for Thailand very early on Wednesday morning leaving me holding the sick baby and a house full of visitors. I love my husband very much but sometimes his timing leaves a lot to be desired.

Here we are late on Thursday afternoon, Scarlett is still unwell but brighter, my stomach is starting to recover and our visitors are back home in New Zealand. It was a tough day but we got through it. It helped that I put S on a mattress on the floor in our room last night and went to bed when she did at seven. We both feel much better for 11 hours (off and on) of sleep and her wakeups were all really short as she could see me as soon as she opened her eyes. We are definitely doing the same thing tonight!

I was filing some layouts and found one that I thought I wasn't going to share.   I really liked it looking at it again  though so here it is.

I like the more muted tones in this layout. It seemed to suit Scarlett's expression. I had a play with the mistable arrows for this layout and found a layer of Shine on them actually looks quite striking in real life. The colour I tried to use didn't turn out with quite the density of colour I had hoped for but again the Mister Huey Shine improved things no end. All the papers and embellishments are from the Central High kit with the exception of the journalling spot which I think is from Echo Park.

With luck Scarlett will be back at school tomorrow and I will have a chance to get some scrapping done and finish my Christmas layout. We have had a lovely quiet home day even if she has not managed to nap. I fear the daytime nap is definitely coming to an end. It will be greatly mourned.


  1. Hope you're all back to 100% soon! I need to play around with some Mistables. I'll admit I'm not too sure how to use them!

  2. What a pretty layout! Glad to hear you're feeling better

  3. oh no!! you both sick and your man away!!! AND visitors!!! so not fair!!!
    glad you are all feeling better now!!!
    and YAH for scrapping for you!!

    as for niece gave hers away so early sister was so cross!!! esp. when bubba came along!!!!