Friday, 19 October 2012

Depeche Mode. Coffee and Peace

I love my daughter. I really, really do. The last ten days have been trying though. She has been cranky and unwell and with me ALL THE TIME. The only time I have spent away from her has been a very short trip to the supermarket and about two hours total after she fell asleep at night. Most nights she needed me to be with her to fall asleep. She was well enough to go to school today and she was so ready to be there too. It was fun seeing her face light up as her friends arrived at school and she was more than happy to let me go off too.

I did not need to be asked twice! I headed off on the train to a mall and sat in Starbucks and drank a Salt Caramel Frap and read Jenny Lawson's "Let's Pretend This Never Happened". I have discovered it is a terrible book to read in public as I was laughing so hard I was crying. It is not a good look when you are sitting on your own in Starbucks. I feel ready for a lot more one on one time now with the wee girl. I have Depeche Mode blasting off YouTube as I type... such a luxury when it is often the Wiggles or Scarlett's favourite, Adele.

I got about an hour of free time last night but had lots of little jobs to do so only spent about ten minutes on my layout in the end. This was where I left it last.

I quickly found a couple of Instagrams of a visit earlier in the year with my friend Stefanie. She was in Singapore after a Yoga retreat in Thailand. I have known Stefanie since Middle School so it is always nice to catch up. She lives in the Netherlands so I don't get to see her that often. Luckily she is actually passing back through Singapore next week on her way back from a trip to Bali so we will catch up again then.

I really wanted to draw attention to the photos so used some Amy Tangerine arrows and my new favourite washi from Freckled Fawn. I grabbed a title from the AT collection as well. Just a little journalling to add and I think we will call this done as well. I am wondering about a little vellum envelope with my journalling concealed inside. I think that might be the answer.

Don't you just love that washi?

The photos are a bit off colour wise as we are enjoying yet another thunder storm today! Good light is a bit of a scarce commodity.

I was going to share a Depeche Mode video to finish but I cannot choose a favourite. If you are at a loose end though, You Tube have dozens and dozens of them. Some are funny now as they are so early 80s but the music is still pretty great.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. So glad your little one is feeling better! Love the mix of pp on your layout!

  2. little princess is feeling better.. yay!!!! and your layout.. you know i love that pop of pink on there!!

  3. Beautiful layout. Sometimes, a little alone time is all we need to reconnect at home with the wee ones.

  4. Glad you got some you time! I have been wanting to read that book too and ready for a good laugh!

  5. Fun page! Funny you have a friend from the Netherlands (it's where I'm from:-))... Good to hear you got some you time... It's necessary!

  6. so glad S is well now!!!
    what a mission....
    YAH for naps and laughing out loud in cafes!!
    and love all the layouts in the posts below (catching up!!)

    as for this 24(.c???) is chilly....stop it...we got gales and rain coming and is like 13.c!!!! ha!!! typical labour weekend in NZ!!!