Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Handmade Revisited

I have a kit from November 2011 that is essentially untouched. I decided to grab this as part of my fifteen minutes a day challenge. I liked the Handmade kit when I ordered it but just have not felt inspired by it when I have been playing with my photos.

When I went to tuck Scarlett into bed last night I found three photos sitting on the table in her room. They were Instax photos from our trip home last year that had been placed in a box and packed away for some reason. I decided to take this as a sign and grabbed the three photos and the Handmade kit and set to work.

This is how far I got in 15 minutes.

At this stage only the photos, Amy Tangerine Love card and title are stuck down. I pulled out some bits and pieces from an OA pack of goodness and spent a little time playing with them. Before I got any further my fifteen minutes was up and my daughter and her father were back from an impromptu trip to the mall. A little bribe to get S to take her Pamol!

I have fiddled for a couple of minutes with the word labels this morning.

I am not sure where I am going with the upper third of the layout. I am thinking perhaps quite a large cluster of something in the middle of the top third...

I am super excited that some of you are onboard to have a go with the challenge. If I get more than ten entries I think I will have two $10 Studio Calico vouchers up for grabs. Those are pretty good odds!

My wee one woke up much improved but has taken a turn for the worse again as the morning has progressed. I thought for a moment she might actually be well enough for school tomorrow but alas it appears that is not going to be the case. Sigh.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. First, I LOVE your daughter's name. It was on my list but I couldn't convince the hubby.

    Love the looks of that kit - that was before I knew about SC, but I like the green paper, and the little banners!

  2. I love the simplicity of this layout. It might also look cool if you did a large cluster in the upper right corner, perhaps with some journaling or a fun pocket? Love the instax photos.

  3. That's pretty good for 15 minutes! I'd still be sitting in front of blank sheet of PP I think! Hope your little one gets better soon!

  4. Nice work!! Sometimes simplicity and a time crunch pay off :))

  5. mmmmmm pretty good i say!!!
    might have a go with this 15 minute challenge myself!!!

    as for your layout...yeah some goodies in the top right corner!!! love it