Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Accidental Nap

Things are a little delayed today after I hopped into bed with Scarlett to settle her for her nap this afternoon and woke up nearly three hours later! She is still sleeping as I type. She had a very unhappy night last night with lots of bad dreams and such so the mega nap will do us both some good.

Yesterday's fifteen minutes of craftiness was actually four bursts of less than five minutes as Scarlett really struggled to settle for her nap. I went with the general consensus and set up a simple embellishment block in the top right corner. I am fairly happy with that. I also need to pop some journalling somewhere on the page. I trimmed down a journalling spot from the BG Clippings collection bu I don't love it. The colour is just a little off and the location doesn't thrill me either. 


So I hope to finish this layout tonight and perhaps even gather my supplies for the next one. There is some urgency as my new kit (and FOUR add ons) has just been delivered this afternoon and I really need to get rid of the last pieces of the previous two kits first. I am pondering writing the journalling directly onto the page at this point.

Here is a quick close up of the embellishment cluster. 

I love those Ready Set Go stickers and the pop of colour from Sasha's Paper Play flair is just what it needed.

We have had a tremendous thunder storm here this afternoon and the air is fresh, cool (25 degrees C) and delicious. I plan on opening windows and enjoying the freshness before I start to cook some dinner. The afternoon really has got away from me!

I have been so excited to see what projects my readers have come up with. btsoi has posted some awesome cards in the SC gallery that she has been making in spare chunks of time. I am loving seeing how much we can achieve in those spare moments.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I was about to suggest journaling straight onto the layout and then I read what you wrote :) I have a hard time with doing that sometimes as I don't love my handwriting and what if I screw up? But sometimes a journaling spot just doesn't fit nicely. Hope you find a solution!

    And thanks for the shout out :) I've had a really good time with your challenge. Every time I get a spare moment, I'm reminded to do something creative :)

  2. I love the embellishment in the corner, and your bird flair is adorable.

  3. I like the cluster you set up and it does look to me like it matches?

    I also love seeing the progress on your layout. I don't do a lot of layouts (mostly cards and mini albums) so it's cool to see how they're constructed. (To tell the truth, making layouts really intimidates me.)