Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Slowly back to normal

We had a bit of a nothing week last week. Monkey and I both had bad colds which meant more than one day where we just stayed home. I still have a pretty revolting cough and the wee girl is still quite snorky.

Thursday provided some drama.We opened the maid's room (all apartments here have one - think small broom cupboard that just fits a single bed and you will be on the money) to find water dripping through the light fitting onto the floor. Our dryer lives in this room and the laundry area is just adjacent so I thought it probably meant that our upstairs neighbour had had a flood. I headed out into the foyer on our floor to find water also coming from the light fitting there. Mmmm... maybe something more serious. Hubby was still home so he watched Scarlett while I went up to introduce myself to the neighbour above ( we only know one person in the whole building... and he was not the one).

I rang the bell and a man in his boxers answered the door clearly having been woken up by me...ooops! He had only just flown in from overseas the previous night and had not used the washing machine. I ushered me in to see if we could find the source of the leak. No sign of anything.

I headed downstairs and water continued to drip from the ceiling for the rest of the day. No longer just from the light fitting but the ceiling generally.

The building management were onto it but it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that the leak was finally fixed.It turned out to be under the floor of the apartment upstairs. The ceiling is slowly drying out but there are a couple of spots where I could easily put my fingers through the plaster is so soft. Waiting for our landlord to decide what she wants to do about things now.

No dramas at all this week. Tet is away until tonight - Bangkok - and then off to Taiwan first thing Thursday morning. We are like ships in the night! Made worse by the fact that I have book club tomorrow night... oh well at least I can go.

Have a spectacular Tuesday!

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