Friday, 10 February 2012

Project Life Title Page and Week One

I know, I know! It is nearly the end of week 3 already and I am only just posting now. In my defence I have been sick and Tet has been away a lot the last few weeks. This means any free time is squeezed in when Scarlett naps or is asleep for the night. Let's put it this way - week 2 of Project Life is well and truly a work in progress.

I have to say that photographing the sleeves with all the reflections is a bit tricky but hopefully it will give you an idea of how my pages have been set out.

I have definitely gone with the KISS approach with the title page. I have partially followed the suggested layout in the Clementine kit and just augmented it with photos. I took an instax of Tet, Scarlett and our Maine Coon, Poppy. My delightful husband took one instax of me when I was just out of the shower. Thanks love!

The first of three pages for week one covers Scarlett's first ever hair cut, a trip to a first birthday party and a trip to a local park. I mainly used kit inserts and added a few Sassafrass stickers to personalise it. Week One is a mixture of A and B inserts.

This page is a continuation of the park trip and our trip to the zoo. I mainly used plain journalling cards and made them a little more exciting using mist, washi and some stickers from my stash. I also included a zoo admission ticket and filled one gap with some old SEI paper I found that went well with the colours used. I have started a Project Life box and have put in a bunch of stuff from my stash that I can see will work well.

This page is just a couple of family outings and a section completed by my hubby while he was on a work trip to Jakarta. He has been in Thailand and Taiwan the last couple of weeks so I am looking forward to more input from him.

I am loving doing this and I love the fact that we are printing lots of current photos and using them. Best of all both my husband and daughter are really enthusiastic about the project. Scarlett asks to look at "the orange folder" at least once a day! Bottom line I am recording our lives, pasting and cutting and having fun with it. I will leave you with an image of why I love this project.


  1. Hee! Don't feel bad, I have made it just as far as you with PL and not a day further!!! It's looking great, glad to know that I am in good company!

  2. i think you're doing a great job, PL is still too daunting for me to try.

  3. That is so why I want to do PL.
    I am just waiting til about mid year when my dh starts traveling again for work. I think it will be great for him to see when he comes home on weekends!
    You have a great album!

  4. Looks fabulous...and the bottom photo is exactly the reason to do it!

  5. looks bright and colourful and lovely.

  6. what a lovely title page! I envy you for even takling the PL! You are doing an awesome job withit! Don't give up-you will be glad you didn't :)

  7. Love your pages Claire. And laughing about your naughty hubby!