Sunday, 5 February 2012

Red Letter Day

I have just realised that I have had more than 500 page views on my little blog. The thing that amazes me is no one I know in real life even knows I have a blog so all my readers are online friends or strangers. It is very humbling. I know there are blogs out there that get thousands of hits a day but I think this is amazing! I am going to organise a giveaway when I get to one thousand.

I have started Amy Tan's Stretch Your Kit class on Studio Calico and I am really enjoying it. The first thing I took away from it should not be a revelation but was. Use your favourite papers first. So true. I tend to save them for some unknown future special project and they just gather dust. So yesterday I took the bull by the horns and grabbed a few old photos and my January kit and pulled out a few favourite papers. I had a look on Page Maps for a sketch and less than an hour later I had a layout complete. It is my first one for a while so I am relieved that I have got started again. I am excited about the next PDF.

The funniest thing was when I showed this layout to Scarlett the first thing she said to me was "Moving!" Either she is a very early reader or I do know my daughter quite well...

The other great thing is that my December Daily is finally complete. Well all but one early day when I cannot for the life of me work out what we did. Never mind - the page is pretty. I am not sharing it as it is hugely text dense and not full of photos and decorative bits like most I have seen. I do not want it to feel inferior!

Onto Month Two of One Little Word and Move More Eat Well. Fortunately, I have managed to finally get the WRMK page protectors and album that I needed. Well they are on their way from the US. So hopefully by month's end I will have my album set up and complete for these classes.

Today is day five of my first week back at Weightwatchers. It has gone well although I have been sick all week so exercise has been pretty much nil. I am actually struggling to eat enough food. As my weight is high I get a lot of points to eat each day and I have had points left over every day - oops. Strictly speaking I should be on the breastfeeding plan as Monkey still has a couple of feeds a day but that would have almost doubled my points. I would have been eating non stop all day!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend. There seem to be a lot of colds and so forth doing the rounds in Singapore at the moment. I am on day 10 currently and would really like it to just disappear!

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  1. what a fun layout!!!!! That favorite paper first thing seems different, but makes sense!! Way to go on the DD!!!!!