Friday, 17 February 2012

A quick layout and some project progress

There has already been some very heavy rain this afternoon but the sky has blackened again and thunder is echoing around the neighbourhood. I love storms - which is probably just as well as we get a load of them here.

While Monkey had her nap this afternoon I finally put together a simple layout that has been occupying my thoughts the last couple of days. This is my fourth layout from my January Studio Calico kit which must be some kind of record. I have a couple of ideas for more too. I cannot tell you how pleased my husband is to see me making a dent in one of my kits. Only six or so more to go...

I really like the Pebbles paper but was a bit unsure about the whole sheet of it. I am pretty happy with it as a background though as I kept the layout very simple.

My evening project while Tet has been away with work this week is the envelope album from Lizzy Kartchener's Something Splendid website. I have really enjoyed the process so far. It is far from perfect but it is going to be a great way to store some of my favourite photos of Scarlett during her first year. I have a couple of photos of the project so far:

Only eight more pages to go! I have not strayed too far from the ideas suggested by Lizzie. I have to admit anything I do after Scarlett goes to bed needs to be very straight forward as I am usually exhausted.

I am so glad it is Friday - not the least because my husband has been away all week and it will be lovely to spend some decent time with him. Sadly part of that time will be spent going to H and M to get them to remove an ink tag that they left on when I bought a new cardi for Scarlett. I guess it is just as well it is only ten minutes walk from home but annoying nonetheless.

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are and whatever your plans. I fully intend to!


  1. I love the pages you've done so far on your envelope album! So pretty!

  2. Oh, love the title on your layout! We must teach them at a your age that they can do anything if they only try, right?!

  3. what a sweet photo and what a great thing to teach your girl.

  4. straight forward is good!! i love easy projects..most days, that's all i can afford to do anyway :) kisses for the little princess.